Download Skype for Mobile phones, Tablets and Computers - Skype remains the best VoIP and Video chatting destination all OS both on the web, Tablet and High-end mobile platform. To sign in skype visit and enter a correct login details. To signup as a new user, you have to complete a very short form on the skype webpage for a complete registration process. In my previous post, I explained How Windows Live Messenger was Moved to With this said, Window live messenger users can also login to for their instant messaging, video and audio chat, group chat, file exchange, SMS out, screen shearing and lot of other services offered by without having to do any new formal registration. Window live users can login Skype using their window live User name and password.

Once logged in to, all your contacts appear immediately. You then can tap on any of your proffered contacts to send instant message, voice chat, and video chat, file exchange or photo messages.

Skpye Sign Up | new account | New skype Account - To create a Skype account, you will be either required to fill out a form requiring name, email, country, and language, human verification code or simply click the Facebook button to use your Facebook or Microsoft Account credentials (such as an account). NO credit card info is needed to sign up, but if you do, you can avail yourself of things like cheap calls to regular phones (either using pay-as-you-go Skype Credit or a subscription), SMS messaging, and low-cost access to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Unlimited calling plans is placed at $2.99 for one month and if you prefer  pay-as-you go, the rate is  2.3 cents a minute for the U.S, but SMS messages are a little on the high side at it stands at 11.2 cents each.

Skype on Desktop remains the best experience using Skype. Desktop gives you lot of options to sign in to Skype so you can use Skype and the Microsoft services in a way that’s best for you.

Again we recommend that you sign in to Skype with a Microsoft account and link it to your Skype account. Just relax, signing up a Microsoft account is easy, and if you use services such as Hotmail, or you have an Xbox, you are a registered Microsoft soft account owner. Skype interface permits you to create one in case you don’t have.  If you have other account outside that of Microsoft, you can still link same account to your Microsoft account to enable you enjoy Microsoft services like, Hotmail, SkyDrive, Windows Phone or Xbox LIVE, with just an email address and a password.

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Firstly to login to your account, open the Skype App program with the icon on your desktop apps. Incase your Skype is not on your desktop; you can find it in your Applications folder (for Mac users) or check your Programs folder (for Windows users).

Secondly, enter your user name and password and click on the blue button to log in. If you have auto-login enabled this will happen without your needing to enter the information or click login button. You are now logged in and active.

Note: Window live users can login Skype with their window live User name and password.

Online Skype is actually most used platform for Users that don’t have the Skype App on their device can Skype using Skype online messenger. Simply go to the officially website for Skype, login your user name and password to join your friends and loved once. This enable you to Skype any were you are by simply using the web version of the chat.

Skype enables you to place calls on mobile and landline phone numbers, but will cost you little Skype credit. Skype works effectively well on the background as users can receive push notifications for all incoming calls, messages, photos and instant messages on their device.

Skype app for mobile device is capable for audio and video chats. It works over Wi-Fi and cellular network. Skype’s voice quality is actually superior to what I’ve often gotten on a mobile call. With one for the dial pad and one for chat button available for, is never a dull.

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The main aim of Skpe audio and video chat is to get friends and families together not minding their present place of residence. Skype group video calling is now free as families and friends can bring back a common community through Skype video, audio, and photo messages. It has never been this good.

With, you can now stay close best friends and relatives with group chat, picture, audio and video messages of all sizes can be sent using Skype app on your computer, tablet or mobile phones. Again calling of all mobile phones and landline is possible with ease using pony credit. Reach out now to your family and friend anywhere in the world using your Skype. Skype have peak and low rates for calls, so you can call home anytime you miss it.

Lot of people across the world has switched over to Stay with your old pals and family through  Skype IM.

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Skype recently released the call bubble icon and weird text box messaging system, a system that have suffered lots of criticism from users. Though critics were of the opinion that the bubble icon makes it harder to read message like to copy/paste messages, and to view messages because the Bubble Box takes too much space, but I don’t think it is any bad.

Over the years, Skype has been well known for video chat, but the company is also in affordable VoIP calls services. The price for Skype VoIP calls is unbeatable; skypes affordability keeps her ahead of its rival.

Skype is available in the following operating system; Windows, Windows phone, OSx, Linux, Android, Blackberry 10, Blackberry OS, Symbian, PSP, PSvita, Xbox one, Fire phone and many smart TVs. It may interest you to know that is operational in 35 major world languages and recently passed two billion talk minutes a day among its over 300-million-plus users across the world. has been rated as the number one when it comes to VoIP calls, instant messaging and video conferencing. Though is specialized in providing video chat and calls from both your computer, tablet and High-end mobile devices using both cellular and Wi-Fi networks instant messages enable users to exchange files and images, send video messages and initiate conference calls.

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Skype Messenger | Skype Messenger Download | Download Free Skype MessengerSkype Messenger application is available for download to your PC running on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. Simply go to, choose your OS and download Skype Messenger for free. Skype Software runs in various languages.  For users on the mobile platform, app works effectively in all the modern OS. For those on Apple series, you can download Skype messenger from ITunes App Store, for android users from Google play Store. Those using blackberry can download Skype messenger from blackberry App world, subscribers on windows can also download Skype messenger app from Window Market Place. has received lots of hailing for its totally free services. Though Skype came up with token or credit to enable users buy credit and make VoIP calls to cellular and land line phones even though Skype services are based on freemium  services. With Skype subscribers can communicate by voice through microphone, video through webcam, and instant messaging using internet connection.

Remember that Skype to Skype calls runs on fermium while Skype to mobile and landline phone will need you to purchase credit which to can use anywhere in the world. The rate is cheaper compare to normal call rate using mobile. The charges are done using debit-based user account called credit.

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With excellent voice and video call, quality, simple clear interface and elegant transmission, Skype remain a giant to beat as its rivals have failed to pose any tension to the popularity. Skype offers complete services compare to its social service provider rivals in same industry that narrow their services to instant messaging and voice chat. But offers a complete package ranging from cheap VoIP calls, voice chat,  video chats, group chat, voice messaging, text chatting, file exchange, SMS out, screen shearing and lots more.
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