Globalization which has been taken to mean the increasing integration of national economics with that of the rest of the world has added quality to the economic status of Nigeria. Globalization thus, presents economics new challenges. It is however, multi-dimensional, but it can be better understand starting with its economic dimension. It is therefore a “new historical reality, one inscribed in the process of capitalists restricting, innovation and competitions, and through the powerful medium of new information and communication technology. The United Nations Human development Reports states that people living around the globe are linked more deeply more intensely, more immediately than ever before.1 

This process of locking countries together, bringing them into a global village have been aided by the ingenuity in the development of communication technology called the internet. The technological invention especially in communication is an important impact of globalization. The invention of telephone, vision- phone, satellite, fax machines, Email as well as computer have made significant mark in the process of globalization, bringing the globe to our door steps such that people in different cities can now interact physically and even shake hands Via the internet.2

            Even in the era when computers were not inexistence, communication links opened out the horizons for individual and the society at large, and placed at the disposal of people information about distant events and new ideas. This helped to understand our neighbors and relate with them well. Globalization improves the educational status of Nigeria, creates employment opportunity, raises productivity and average living standards and thus making way for economic development. Thus, in this chapter, the impact of globalization on Nigeria economy will be discussed using information and communication technological system as abase. Also the challenges of globalization in Nigeria will be discussed.
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