The present state of marketing education programmes is E-marketing which means using digital technologies to sell your goods and services. These technologies are valuable complement to traditional marketing methods. Whatever the size of the higher institution or your business model is, the basics of marketing remains the same. The only thing that have changed is the number of options that you uses to reach your potential customers, though businesses will continue to make use of traditional marketing methods, such as advertising, direct mail and PR, e-marketing adds a whole new element to the marketing mix many business are producing good results with e-marketing and its flexible and cost- effective nature makes it particularly suitable for small businesses.

Creating internet marketing (e-marketing) strategy.
1.         Develop your brand name and image before communicating to your marketer. Your brand makes you recognizable among competitors so pick a name trademark, website, letter head, and business plan before launching a strategy.
2.         Study your competitors from their website through their sales process including their marketing strategies identify the past and ongoing marketing strategies of your largest competitor to know what works in your given market.
3.         Study your market: Decide If you are part f a niche market. If so, you will want to center your strategy on that demographic, instead of all internet consumers.
4.         Mimic the successful marketing strategies of your competitors: your market research should tell you how many people that they send their e-mail list to and how many people comment on their blog entries.
This means that the demographic responds well,
5.         Create a multiface internet marketing strategy in order to increase your brands recognition you should launch several marketing campaign create a social media account and assign someone to launch interesting material everyday in order to attract followers, social media account and blog must be consistently updated.
            Pay someone to write SEO articles. Articles that mention poplar keywords related to your product. Create videos of people using your product or people vouching for your product and launch the video on your face book, your website, your tube video, in order to draw peoples interest to your website.
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