There should be availability of laptops in the departmental laboratory: the departmental lab should be well equip with computer set to make sure they all the marketing  education student are computer literate; well trained in all the packages and on how to use electronic to market their product or good and services.
There should be suitable internet connectivity: The computer set in the departmental lab should be well connected to the internet to enable the student connect already existing firms or entrepreneur and their marketer, their method of marketing and their challenges because marketing as a course should not only be done in theory without practical experiences.

Suitable Power Supply: There should be standby generator for the universities use to avail the students opportunity of 24hour brawling.
Well equipped library: should also be provided for students for standard research activities and the departmental journal should also be made available to the students.
The benefits of e-marketing
E-marketing gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing. Specific benefits of e-marketing include:
Global Reach – a website can reach anyone in the world who has internet access. This allows you to find new markets and compete globally for only a small investment.
Lower cost – a properly planned and effectively targeted-e-marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.
Traceable, measurable results – marketing by email or banner advertising makes it easier to establish how effective your campaign has been. You can obtain detail Information about customers’ responses to your advertising.
24 hour marketing – with a website your customers can find out about your products even if your office is closed.
            Personalization – if your customer database is linked to your website, then whenever someone visits the site, you can greet them with targeted offers. The more they buy from you, the more you can refine your customer profile and market effectively to them.
One-to-one marketing – e-marketing lets you reach people who want to know about your products and services instantly. For example, many people take mobile phones and PDAS wherever they go. Combine this with the personalized aspect of e-marketing, and you can create very powerful, targeted campaigns.
More interesting campaigns – e-marketing lets you create interactive campaigns using music, graphics and videos. You could send your customers a game or a quiz – whatever you think will interest them.
Better conversion rate – if you have a website, then your customers are never a few clicks away from completing a purchase. Unlike other media which require people to get up and make a phone call, post a letter or go to a shop, e-marketing is seamless.
Together, all of these aspects of e-marketing have the potential to add up to more sales.      

In any society, industry or institution, the level of technology plays a significant role in determining what product and services will be produced, what equipment will be used, and how various operations will be managed. (Stoner and Wankel 1986), perhaps that is why technology has remained the most pervasive element among all others.
            Technology is the method of doing things; it is the complex of techniques through which an organization accomplishes its goals and objectives. Technology has two major components which are equipments and knowledge possessed by employers and employees within the organization. In organizational perspective, technology influences the method of doing things-how goods are designed, produced and distributed as well as how services are rendered. The analysis above shows that any organization that fails to keep abreast of the technological development in its industry is bound to reduce its market share drastically.

Laptops and suitable internet connectivity should be made available for the marketing students in the department laboratory for their lectures and standard research activities.
Well equipped library should also be provided and the business education journal should also be made available for the students use.
There should be steady power supply by the school. Competent teacher on (ICT) should also be employed or the available once should be retrained so that they will have good knowledge of information and communication technologies and then be able to impact the knowledge in the students.

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