The word technology originated from the ancient Greece through the merger of two Greek words “techne” which means “art or craft” with Logos which means “word or speech”.
Then, the combination means discoursing on the arts both fine and applied (Goetz, 1985:451)
So a simple definition for technology is that it is the systematic study of techniques for making and doing things Osuala (1995) defined it as the application of scientific principles in research, design, development production, distribution and service. (miller 2005) technology involves the utilization of scientific process and products in providing goods and services which enhances life and human endeavors (Onuokwo, 1998). Technology can also be defined as the application of scientific knowledge and principles to practical tasks for development and production goods and services for mankind.

Technology innovation
Technological innovation refers to the increase in knowledge, the improvement in skills or the discovery of a new or improved means that extend peoples ability to achieve a given task.
            Technology can be classified as hard technology Example Blue print, machinery, equipment and other capital goods; while soft technology include management know-how, finance marketing and administrative techniques. Another classification is labour intensive technology that is where primitive technology is used in the production processes; while capital intensive technology is when high advanced technology is used.
            The society is never static. It continuous to change nothing is constant except change as human beings strike to improve upon their former status therefore the marketing system must change to take care of peoples need and societal changes which are deemed vital for the continuity of that society. As new scraps of information ideas practices are involved human beings and organizations are forced to introduce changes. Unruh and Alexander (1974) see innovation as the introduction of  a novel factor perceived as now by a given people supported by a driving force and implemented as a practical advance that deviates from established or traditional form. Miles (1973) defined innovation as a deliberate novel specific change which is thought to be more efficacious in accomplishing the goal of a system. 

            A marketer is defined as someone who understands and applies marking techniques in order to create build and maintain beneficial relationship with target markets. Banker (1979) and Doyle (1985) identified lack of marketing orientation as the major factor for business failure.
            One of the major problem facing marketing education programme is lack of understanding and the application of marketing concept. In a study conducted by Ogwo (1991),  This was conspicuously exposed most marketing education departments in Nigeria universities lack adequate marketing and sales orientation and this is reflected in their dysfunctional business behaviour against customers satisfaction since most students after graduation lack the knowledge and still of basic marketing ingredients-marketing research marketing segmentation, marketing planning and control which result to poor quality products, unawareness of competition, poor promotion, poor distribution and poor pricing methods. This means that they are not fully market oriented and market focused.

Technology in market involves the computer aided instruction strategy (CAIS) which involves the use of electronic medium and recorded tapes and disk to enable the student understand more about marketing idea concept and processes Involved in practical operation and tasks. Today almost every facet of human endeavour including education and marketing sector is challenged by advances in information technology as a result marketers need to posses’ Information and Communication Technology skills (ICT). The need to know how to use computer to input and output data and information. The need to know how to source information from the web the need to know how to make business contacts through the face book or jujube marketing is advantageous in this information age.
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