Background of the Study
Poor academic performance of secondary school students has been on the increase in both internal and external examination Okoye  (1982)  defines  poor  academic performance of the individual or candidate in a learning situation as one   in which a candidate fail to attain a set standard of performance in a give  evaluation exercise such as test, examination or series of continuous assessment.  Usually this standard is based on  a number of stipulated objective and other school activities.  A candidate who scores less or below the standard is regarded as showing a poor academic performance in school.

            Some people blame  students themselves and others blame  government  while, others blame teachers. That  is  why Nwana  (1986)  stated that one may hear  elderly parents, retired civil servants    and persons  say that school leavers of   nowadays are not  able  to speak correct and fluent English, they  cannot   solve simple arithmetic  problem and they do don’t know their basic  tables.
            In  the  researcher  experiences  in  consideration of the situation of  academic  (performance among secondary school students in Izzi L.G.A of  Ebonyi State  and also in personal and social life, it has been observed   that secondary school students  marked  scripts and exercises show that there is poor academic performance over the years. The  factors that influence academic   performance  of students have attracted the interest and concern of  teaches, counsellor, psychologists, researchers  and  school administrators in  Nigeria. This is  because  of the public  outcries concerning the low standard of education in the country (Imoge 2002).
Poor academic performance has been a general problem all over the country, and  a lot of investigation has been carried out to know where the problem lies, but   the problem still persists. This has been a bone of contention and that is why the  researchers intend to investigate the causes of academic performance of students in  izzi  local Government Area of Ebonyi  State of Nigeria as seen  by school  counselors.
Statement of the Problems
            The  poor performance  of secondary school students in Izzi Local Government Area has been a great concern to a good number of educationists, teachers, counselors, psychologists, researchers as wall as the school administrators in Nigeria. That is the reason these researchers have taken it upon themselves to find out the counselors views on factors responsible for poor   academic performance of secondary school students in Izzi Local Government Area.  The poor performance of secondary school students has given the   researcher a lot of concern and so has led to their embarking on this research, the  problem therefore is   identification of what school counselors think  are the causes of poor academic performance of secondary  school  students.
Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to find out :
1.       The opinion of school counselors on the general performance  of  secondary school students.
2.       The  counselors views on factors responsible for pooor academic performance secondary school  students.
3.       to offer suggestion on how  the problem can be solved.
Scope of  the Study
The study was  carried out in secondary schools in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, which  are eleven (11)  in number.
Significance of the Study
            As far as government in anxious to employ all necessary measures within its reach  to improve the falling standard in education, it is expected that this work will contribute in no small measure to  uncover the secretes and the causes of poor academic performance among secondary school students  in Izzi Local Government Area.
            In addition,  the work will make some invaluable suggestion which if applied will drastically reduced the cases of poor performance of students in Izzi Local Government  Area by serving as a guide to teachers and help the students  to perform very well in their examination
Research Question
The following researcher questions have been formulated to guide the study
-         What is the opinion of school counselllors about the general performance of secondary school students?
-         What factors  do counselors think are responsible for poor academic performance of  secondary school  students?
-         What are the possible effects of poor   academic performance of secondary school students?
-         How  can this  situation  be remedied”
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