Brazil Visa Lottery 2017 Application Form | Requirement and Guideline

Brazil Visa Lottery Application Form 2017 | Guideline and Requirement.

Brazil Visa Lottery 2017 Application Form (Visa Lottery 2017/2018 Application Form, Visa Lottery 2017/2018 Form) - Presently, Applying for visa in Brazil takes almost the same procedures as applying to other countries. However, special attention must be given to the fact that there may be other additional documents requested that you know nothing of and that may be due to the navigating system annually. As a matter of fact, see more details below;

Brazil Visa Lottery Application Form 2017

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Brazil Visa Lottery Requirement

The following document will be required of you: to this, you need to be informed beforehand but in the case of any additional requirement, you will be notified when you apply for your visa. These are the list of requirements for Brazilian Visa Lottery Application Online.
  1. Passport Requirements
  2. Brazil Visa Application
  3. Passport Photograph
  4. Letter of Authorization
  5. Letter of Intent
  6. Residential Proof
  7. Proof of Travel Arrangement
  8. Medical Report
  9. Financial Capabilities
  10. Birth Certificate
  11. Certificate of Origin

Now, Lets take the explanation one after the other for detailed information.


Please be informed that your Photo must not be more than 2 weeks old and valid for the next 6 months of the stay with at least one blank passport page available for Brazilian visa stamp.


Furthermore, you must be aware that Brazil visa application containing a genuine reason as to why you desire to travel to Brazil and for what purpose.


Again, a recent 2*2 white background photograph with plain colour side by side. You can also upload the photo by placing order.


For marriage persons, your spouse must give you a consent letter. For workers, your office must also provide you with an authorization letter. Similarly, for minor applicants (under 18 years of age) will need the signature of both parents.


In the first light, why are you travelling in the first place. You must fill the online form which reveals the purpose of travel, for tourism, study business or transit etc.


Likewise, where do you currently live before this application? Additionally, provide your complete Home Address and ID of resident and permit.


Ordinarily, you must book a plan ticket and hotel reservation. It may usually come in form of a Signed letter from the airline or travel agent showing time of departure.


Generally speaking, for all minors (children less than 6 years old), report of polio vaccination should be provided. Medical report of adults indicating fitness should also be included as specified. Adults can be tested for yellow fever, etc from reputable hospital / approved health center.


Of course, you need money to travel, so you must show that you foot your bills. So, this could be your bank statement for the last 3 months.


Above all, Get your birth certificate ready. The document must not be torn, frayed or fake. Don't have it? You can get declaration of age from the Federal High Court in your country,


Where you care coming from is very important to the embassy consular. Note that this must contain your state and LGA of origin. On the other hand,  you can  get this from your village LGA.

How to Apply - Brazil Visa Lottery Application

  1. You could apply online @ or visit the Brazil embassy in your country for more info.
  2. To fill the online form, click “Visa Request” then answer the questions accurately without leaving out any detail.
  3. Confirm your details in case of any error.
  4. Click submit.

In summary, you will notified of date and location for appointment which you will endeavour to attend. There. Orientation will be done to educate you on the country you are about to step foot on.
Brazil Visa Lottery 2017 Application Form | Requirement and Guideline

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