2017 NECO Islamic Studies Questions/Answers | OBJ and Theory Answers Expo Runz

2017 NECO Islamic Studies Questions/Answers | OBJ and Theory Answers

Islamic Studies Expo Answers, Islamic Studies NECO Questions 2017 | First and foremost in this article, the editor will give you past Islamic Studies objective and theory random repeated questions for free. As a matter of fact, this is not  NECO Islamic Studies expo runz.

Finally, you will also understand how NECO Islamic Studies questions especially the OBJ/Essay are set and many other examination guides. In summary, just stay focus and read through to the end. Download Complete Real Islamic Studies Expo Answers Here.

NECO Islamic Studies Questions and Answers 2017 | OBJ and Theory Answers.

On the other hand, National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

NECO Islamic Studies Question and Answers

Updates are on the way. Meanwhile, keep accessing this page as update will be made in a jiffy. Generally speaking, the IRK/IRS Essay & Objectives Expo sample Theory Islamic Religious Knowledge 2017 answers has been published on this answer portal to assist students who wants to use it to study and prepare for the upcoming examination.

WARNING: Exam expo site seekers: This is not the current REAL NECO IRS exam answers for 2017. DO NOT use it as expo for examination malpractice because you will fail. Its for IRS study purpose only.

IRK/IRS OBJectives: Past Objectives Answers

This is a format of what the answer look like. This was curled from a past question paper.

IRS/IRK Theory/Essay NECO 2017 Answers:

Prophet Muhammad (saw)Makkah ( Bakka, Baca , Mecca). His father, Abdullah, died several weeks before his birth in Yathrib (Medinah) where he went to visit his father’s maternal relatives. His mother died while on the return journey from Medinah at a place called ‘Abwa’ when he was six years old. He was raised by his paternal grandfather ‘Abd al Muttalib (Shaybah) until the age of eight, and after his grandfather’s death by Abu Talib, his paternal uncle.

The Angel Gabriel then embraced him until he reached the limit of his endurance and after releasing said: “Iqraa.” Muhammad’s answer was the same as before. Wapbase.org, examcoded.com, currentschoolnews, Gabriel repeated the embrace for the third time, asked him to repeat after him and said: “Recite in the name of your Lord who created! He created man from that which clings. Recite; and thy Lord is most Bountiful, He who has taught by the pen, taught man what he knew not.”

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Itikaf is a form of worship. It is formed by staying in a Mosque for a certain time. It is important that one should stay with the intention to worship Allah by praying formal or informal prayers although prayer is not a condition.

  1. Intention as in the rest of the worship acts.
  2. Belief in Islam.
  3. Freedom from mental illness.
  4. Fasting; thus the Itikaf of one who cannot fast for some reason is not valid.
  5. Completing it in the Mosque where it was started.
  6. The holy Mosque in Makkah
  7. The holy Mosque of the Prophet in Medina
  8. The holy Mosque of Kufa
  9. The holy Mosque of Basrah
  10. The Mosque which is assigned for the
  11. Friday prayer in any town or city.
  12. Having sex and also according to Ehtiyat kissing or playing with one’s wife;

According to a necessary Ehtiyat causing a semen discharge, and smelling perfumes for enjoyment
Selling or buying in the form of a business deal, according to a necessary Ehtiyat
Expressing bitterness in talking about worldly or religious matters in order to prove one’s ability, not the truth which is one of the best worships.

In the first place, the wealth collected by Bayt al-Māl for the various expenses can be categorized into special wealth and general wealth. In the same light / way, wealth includes all revenues that are determined by the Shari‘ah. On the other hand, this wealth cannot be spent on any other purposes except for those stated in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. Likewise, the main item under this category is Zakāt which, according to the Shi‘ite jurisprudence view includes nine assets.

For instance, according to Ayatollah Khomeini Zakātable assets include wheat, barley, date, raisins, gold, silver, camel, cow and sheep. Equally important, each of these items after reaching certain amount become Zakātable. Additionally, general wealth consists of all wealth collected by the Bayt al-Māl with the exception of Zakāt, such as very different types of taxes.

Not only Narrated, but also explained: Tamim Al- Dari that the Prophet, Sallallahu ‘ Alayhi Wasallam , said : ” Religion is Nasihah (view commentary for meaning).” We said: “To whom?” In a like manner, the Prophet, Sallallahu ‘ Alayhi wasallam, said: ” To Allah and His Book, and His messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common follower.

IRK/IRS OBJ: NECO Islamic Religious Studies 2017 (Questions & Answer)


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2017 NECO Islamic Studies Questions/Answers | OBJ and Theory Answers Expo Runz

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