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To provides cNTIses of instruction leading to the Upgrade, Development and Professional certification of nigerian Teachers as specified in the relevant syllabuses, using the Distance Learning System (DLS) of education delivery.


To enhance the professional skills of serving teachers for high quality education delivery at primary and secondary levels with a view to uplifting the standard of the educational system in the country.


To upgrade teachers knowledge and skills in curriculum implementation, while instilling in them the virtues of dedication, loyality, committment, discipline and resoucefulness.

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The National Teacher's institute Kaduna, was established in 1976 at Kaduna Northern Nigeria where it Headquater is currently located with the given mandate as stipulated in Decree No.7 of 1978 (Now act No.7 of 1978) of the Federal Military government of Nigeria. The NTI offers many cNTIses related to teaching and awards NCE (National Certificatein education) TC II (teachers Certificate II), previously it was TC I which was later upgraded to two.


  1. The Federal Ministry of Education serves as the overall regulator.
  2. The National Assembly through its Education Committees.
  3. The National University Commission (NUC) through the Affiliate University.
  4. The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).
  5. International Donor Agencies on their Sponsored Programmes.


  1. Chairman and another Federal Government Nominee
  2. One Member Representing the Fed. Mini. of Education
  3. Three Members representing the NUT, NTA and FRCN
  4. Two Members representing the Universities
  5. One Commissioner of Education from each of the Six Geo-Political Zones
  6. The Director General / CEO
  7. The Registrar serves as the Secretary to the Council.


  1. To organize and provide programmes for the training,development, upgrading and certification of teachers.
  2. To carry out research in conjunction with other bodies on any matter relevant to the development of teacher education in the country
  3. To conduct post-graduate cNTIses and examinations in EDUCATION for graduate teachers
  4. To formulate and initiate relevant policies and programmes towards enriching / improving the content and quality of Teacher education in Nigeria


  1. To assess from time to time, the training programmes offered by those Institutions controlled by or associated with the Institute with a view to ascertaining their professional competence
  2. To offer such assistance, either alone or in co-operation with other educational bodies, as may be requested by those institutions controlled by or associated with the Institute
  3. To foster and enhance international co-operation in the development of Teacher Education
  4. To perform such other functions as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of any of the functions of the Institute


The mandate of NTI, as defined by its Establishment Act, is to provide CNTIses of Instruction leading to the Upgrade, Professional Development and Certification of Nigerian Teachers using the DISTANT LEARNING SYSTEM (D.L.S.) OF EDUCATION DELIVERY.

D.L.S. is an Education delivery Technic adopted world-wide by Distant Learning Educational Institutions whereby professionally Designed, Step-by-Step Instructional Materials are provided to the DLS students at their various LOCATIONS (called Study-Centres). In addition, professional teachers are engaged to tutor these students during their contact sessions.

While Tests, Assignments, Project Works and the Semester Final Examaninations are conducted at the Centres, the marking of the Exams Scripts and the release of the Results are handled centrally from the Headquarters.


  1. The Fulfilment Of NTI Mandate
  2. The Transformation Of NTI To A Trully Academic Institution
  3. The Maintenance Of Academic Standards
  4. Staff SNTIcing And Welfare
  5. ResNTIce Management And Utilization
  6. Adherance To The Policy Of Due Process
  7. Collaboration And Reach-Out
  8. The Modernization Of NTI


The National Teachers' Institute was setup to serve as a Distant Learning Educational Institution in order to provide additional means of tackling the following challenges facing Teacher Education in Nigeria:-

  1. The need to trully profesionalised the teaching profession at all levels.
  2. The need to curb the worrisome shortages of professional Teachers nation-wide.
  3. The need to provide serving teachers the opportunity to further, upgrade / update their qualification and professional competence without necessarily leaving their jobs.
  4. Finally, the need to provide ALL the above at minimum costs to both the Students and the Education Authorities

NTI Organisational Structure

  • Office of the director general/Chief Executive
  • Administrative Division
  • Field operations and student services
  • Examination, Research and Academic Services
  • School of Education
  • Multi-purpose student center


  1. ONE inherent weakness of Distant Learning System is the maintenance of QUALITY in the Programmes. In NTI we solved this problem by :
  2. Routinely bringing in Senior Academics from Universities and Colleges of Education on Sabbatical Leave to inject new ideas into NTI Programmes
  3. Engaging the services of Professional Consultants in the field of EDUCATION to assist in Monitoring and Evaluating the CONDUCT of NTI Programmes nationwide
  4. Always involving other stake holders such as UBEC, SUBEB, Teachers Reg.Council and N.U.T. in the regular Monitoring and Evaluation Exercise
  5. Constantly reviewing NTI Instructional Materials to keep abreast of modern teaching techniques
  6. Implementing the NCCE Minimum Standards and strictly adhering to the Admission Criteria for all NTI Programmes
  7. Collaborating with Development Partners and International Educational Institutions and NGOs for BEST Practices
  8. The selection of ONLY QUALIFIED professional Teachers as CNTIse Tutors in NTI Study Centres
  9. The deployment of PERMANENT fulltime Study centre Desk Officers for prompt handling of Students' complaints and to check malpractices at the centres nation wide
 National Teachers Institute Kaduna (NTI)

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As part of the administration’s repositioning exercise , the institute has designed and is implementing a 5- point agenda aimed at addressing current challenges in teacher training and development for the progress of the Nigerian education sector . The Agenda, which is being pursued with a management style that is participatory, result-oriented and respect for due process, comprises the following:-

  1. Strengthening the Quality Assurance Mechanisms of the Institute’s Teacher Training Programmes .
  2. Enhancement and Expansion of NTI Programmes.
  3. Promoting Effective Staff SNTIcing, Policy, Welfare and General Development.
  4. Application of ICT in all the Institute’s Operations.
  5. Enhancement of Revenue Generation , Mobilization and its Optimal Utilization.

Executive Management Committee

Nothing here at the moment

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  • Mallam Hafiz Sulaiman Wali - 1976 to 1989
  • Dr. Mustapha Mohammed Bunza - 1989 to 2000
  • Dr. Ahmed Modibo Mohammed - 2000 to 2007
  • Dr. Patrick Ndubuisi Onyekwere (Acting)-2007 to 2008
  • Mallam Unwaha Yahaya Ismaila (Acting)- 2008 to 2009


  1. Professor Thomas K. Adeyanju - North Central Zone
  2. Professor Buba Mshelia - North East Zone
  3. Professor M. I. Junaid - North West Zone
  4. Professor Unice Okeke - South East Zone
  5. Professor U. M. O. Ivowi - South South
  6. Professor R. Odubunmi - South West
These seasoned professional Teachers and sound educators monitor and assist the Institute in maintaining quality and adherance to high standard of teaching and learning at each of the study centers nation wide.

Frequently asked Questionsat NTI official website

  • About NTI Programmes
  • Admission issues, problems & solution
  • Registeration Issue
  • Examination issue
  • Carry-over issues
  • Project Issues


Email Address: ntikad@nti-nigeria.org ntikad@yahoo.com 
Address: KM 5 Kaduna - Zaria Express Way, Rigachikun, PMB 2191 Kaduna, Nigeria. 
Telephone: 234-(0)62-887873, 887780, 290352 
Head Office: Kaduna Nigeria.

Fax: Teahers Kaduna.

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