NTI Capacity Building Programmes | National Teachers' Institute

NTI Capacity Building Programmes | National Teachers' Institute

The Capacity Building Programmes offered by NTI (National Teachers Institute). This portal will show you How to Apply for National Teachers' Institute (NTI) Admission for Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate in Education and other related professional courses.

Package A - Basic Teaching Methods and Techniques, Basic Classroom Management Techniques, Language and Communication Skills &ICT Training for Teachers

Package B- Modern Techniques of teaching the four (4) Core Subjects of Basic Education (English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Basic Science and Technology).

Package C- Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education (SMASE); Learner-Centered and Activity-Based Approach; Improvisation of Instructional Materials

Package D- E-Learning Education; Entrepreneurship Education; Special Education

Other specialized areas of Training:

  1. Induction of newly recruited teachers.
  2. Teaching of the science at the SSS level.
  3. School Based Assessments
  4. Innovative techniques of teaching vocational and technical subjects
  5. School Management Skills and Record Keeping
  6. Effective teaching and care giving in Early Childhood Education.
  7. Resource Management in schools
  8. Guidance and Counseling in schools
  9. Multi-grade/Large Class Teaching Strategies
  10. Curriculum Implementation.
  11. Performance Improvement for Teachers at all levels.
  12. Teaching of English components for S.S. Teachers

NTI Capacity building programmes - National Teachers Institute

Other NTI CPD Resources

  1. CDs showing model lessons
  2. Manual for School Supervision
  3. The Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
  4. NTI/NCCE/TESSA Toolkit for Teaching Practice Supervisors
  5. Manual for Mentoring
  6. Self-Instructional Materials used in NTI Academic Programmes
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