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MMM Kenya Office Login | - Kenya MMM Sign In Page is now available online for Kenyans who have successfully created an MMM account (completed the MMM Registration form online). In our previous article, we wrote and explained the essay steps of registering for MMM which a total number of over 1 million people has read in Kenya in the past few weeks because it is believed that everyone wants to earn his/her own 30% Mavro when he or she provides help plus a 10% bonus if you refer a new member to the Scheme.

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For the benefit of those that still does not understand how the MMM Kenya works, should read How to MMM works from here. After you have been convinced what you have learned, you can proceed to Register for MMM below.

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If you have successfully created an MMM account in Kenya, then this is the simple guideline to Login to your MMM account using your personal computer or mobile phone. See it below;
  1. Open your browser
  2. Enter this website:
  3. Enter your registered email address or phone number in the space provided
  4. Enter your password which you also registered at
  5. Click Login - This will load and open a box with a Captcha code
  6. Enter the Captcha code in the space provided as you saw it (it is case sensitive)
  7. Finally, Click Login (this will open your MMM office in Kenya)

Register for MMM Global here - Click here

This is a very direct guideline to Login to MMM Kenya from your computer or in a cyber cafe. You can also do this process on your mobile phone browser. you can decide to Download MMM Mobile App which can help you calculate how much you have earned in 2 weeks. It can further strengthen security of your MMM account from being hacked.

 Login to MMM Kenya Here

Important Notice About Kenya MMM Login

  1. Do not edit or delete your bank account unnecessarily
  2. Do not play pranks with MMM website because they will block you
  3. Do you request to PH (provide help) if you don't have cash
  4. Provide help only with spare money (Do not get greedy)
  5. Request to Get Help (GH) immediately you get your 30% Mavro
  6. Write to MMM support if you have pressing issues
  7. Call your MMM guider for advice before you PH
  8. Write yo CRO if merged participant uploads fake/false "Proof of Payment" (POP)
  9. Do not pay into an account randomly, always confirm from account owner before payment
  10. Check your mails regularly for merging order from MMM
  11. Do not respond to fraudulent calls / messages concerning payments
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