2017 NECO History Questions/Answer (Friday 16th June 2017)

2017 NECO History Questions/Answer (Friday 16th June 2017)

NECO History Questions and Answers 2017 | You arrived on this page because you are looking for answer for history NECO question. You are at the right place because this page contains History Questions and answers that will be ask for the June/July 2017 History Examination. Stay focus and read through since National Examination Council usually set questions like this.

NECO History Questions and Answers 2017
The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

History Practical Question and Answers

Below are likely repeated questions for NECO History practical’s 2017 – keep visiting this page as changes will be made.

  1. -Social organizations
  2. -political organizations
  3. -settlement organization
  4. -social organizations
  5. -Religion organization
  6. -Economic development

Answers for 1b.
  1. System of government was monarchical
  2. The king was semi divine
  3. He serves as an intermediaries between the ancestors and the Gods
  4. King of west African
  5. Sudanese states headed central government made up of ministries
  6. Ministers of states were paid for their services
  7. Subjects regarded their kings as source of life,death,adversity nd prosperity

  1. -THE knowledge of iron technology
  2. -The leadership of powerful members
  3. -Able leaders
  4. -The role of sacred symbols
  5. -De role of traditional comodities
  6. -The introductn of firearms
  7. -The atlantic slave trade

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History specimen for GCE

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2017 NECO History Questions/Answer (Friday 16th June 2017)

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WARNING: Please note that these questions and answers was gotten from History past question papers. We do not encourage examination malpractice. You must only use this answers as a guide when studying and preparing for the NECO exam. Do not forget to respect your examiners. Do not go into the exam hall with any paper or mobile phone because you will be penalizeed and this might lead to your cancellations f your exam papers and withholding of your NECO result.

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