NECO Agric Science Specimen Practical 2017 June/July

The NECO Agric Science Practical specimens for 2017/2018 June/July examination is now available because has been released by the National Examination Council. I have written this post to show you the Agricultural Science 2017 specimens from the past exams so as to help students get ready for the NECO June/July Examination. Read on to see Agric practical question paper.

What are the NECO Specimens for Agric Science Practical?

Written below is a comprehensive list of the expected Agric practical specimens for NECO June/July 2017 examination. it is highly recommended that every student makes good use of these sample specimens to get ready to write their agricultural science practical examination. You can also decide to contact you school management for details of each of these listed specimen.
  1. SPECIMEN A – A Hook & Line will be used during the practical
  2. SPECIMEN B – Ranging pole will be provided, you should read about this
  3. SPECIMEN C – Spanner for loosing and tighting is expected to be there
  4. SPECIMEN D – Hoe for digging, planting and harvesting is also included
  5. SPECIMEN E – Measuring tape for taking accurate measurement will be there
  6. SPECIMEN F – Leaves with patches of Chlorosis (identify them now before the exam)
  7. SPECIMEN G – Centipede (Its usually a dead onee)
  8. SPECIMEN H – Clay for moulding is on the list of speciment to be provied
  9. SPECIMEN I – Cowpea seeds affected by weevil (you can check beans to see weevil now)
  10. SPECIMEN J – Yam tuber affected by beetles ( go to a farm and identify yam beetles)
  11. SPECIMEN K – Variegated Grasshopper (you can see this in nearby bushes)
  12. SPECIMEN L – Tomato Fruit (thesame one used for cooking stew at home
  13. SPECIMEN M – A Chunk of meat (fresh) - ask your teacher now before the exam
  14. SPECIMEN N – Fresh Milk from cow (may be in a container)
  15. SPECIMEN O – Feather from a bird is among the specimens

Download Complete 2017/2018 Agriculture Science Practical Questions/Answers Here

You should read about these specimen above from Agric past question and answers so that you will know the answers before the examination. We advise you to also check out Practical specimens for other subjects like, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Click on the applicable link below to check:

DISCLAIMER: These Agric science practical specimens for NECO 2017 exams has not come out as at the time of writing this, this is a sample specimen gotten from previous exams. We have published it online to help students to study well and prepare the NECO examination. This should not be used as a source of examination malpractice in any form or to provide neco agric science practical answers.

You may be disqualified and your NECO Results seized or withheld if you are caught cheating in the examination hall. We wish you the best.
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