NYSC Exemption Letter | The Challenges Job Seekers Face in Nigeria

NYSC Exemption Letter And Challenges Of Job Seekers (Nysc Age Limit) - “I have not been able to gain employment for almost five years now since after my graduation because of how employers discriminate against NYSC exemption certificate holders.”

NYSC Exemption And Challenges Of Job Seekers

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The comment above was Chidera Ofobuike while speaking to newsmen about the plight of people who have graduated while above 30 years and are unable to serve during the NYSC year.

“Almost all job advertised job, apart from government jobs requires that you must have served the NYSC and must not be above certain age brackets which is usually below 30 years.”

As we all know that with the increasing emphasis on productivity and excellence, it is not surprising to see that most corporations and businesses often require the services of very young and independent minds to fill up positions but has it really gotten to the extent that those above a certain age bracket are not eligible to gain employment at all?

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Following the laws and policies of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), graduates who are 30 years and above are usually exempted from undergoing the national youth service. But they are instantly issued a certificate which is equivalent to the discharge certificate one gets after completing the one year service.

Commonly, unemployment is a major problem of youths in Nigeria, but some graduates who have the NYSC exemption certificate who spoke to newmen claimed that they often stand a lesser chance with younger graduates who have the NYSC discharge certificate.

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NYSC Exemption Letter | The Challenges Job Seekers Face in Nigeria

Another preson that was interviewed by news men said; "From most of the interviews I have participated in, one thing that was made clear by the employers was that they were more interested in younger graduates but I don’t think that age should have anything to do with competence,” said Mr. Monday Femilayo, who claimed to have spent four years searching for a job without success.

All most the same story was shared by Amina Mohammadu, a 33-year- old graduate of physics education. She expressed her dissatisfaction with a plea as well.

She said; “Somebody should please advise employers of labour that there are graduates that did not go for the youth service due to one good reason or the other. We have noticed that almost all vacancies have NYSC certificate as a condition for employment. What happens to those that did not go for the national youth service but made a good grade in school? Does that mean that they will never get a job in this country? Please somebody should help us tell our president or the minister of education to call these companies to order for the sack of justice and equity.”

For Amina, it is just one of the many tactics devised by employers to unnecessarily disqualify people.

“I feel that it is just a means of frustrating graduates. Although we are aware that there are thousands of graduates out there still looking for jobs, that should not be used as a basis for making national youth service certificate a compulsory requirement, when somebody with an exemption certificate can be just as competent or even more.”

These complaints by job seekers is indeed worrisome and one can only but wonder why employers would cultivate such attitude of discrimination against same people with same degree just because of their age difference.

According to a banker who pleaded anonymity while speaking to newsmen because of their code of conduct, most banks, including his, often employ very young graduates because they feel that their commitment and dedication level will be very much higher than those who are older.

“Younger people are more energetic and proactive. Nobody is saying that older graduates are not intelligent enough, but from our social evaluations, we found out that older people can often be distracted by extra corporate issues which might affect their job compliance. But that is not to say that every position we advertise are meant to be filled by graduates in their 20s, there are also other positions that don’t have such conditions, and anybody is free to apply.” He said.

In a similar vein, James Kabiru, who owns a hiring company known as "Locate Client Premium Consults limited", said most of the companies that require employees from his company often set the age criteria which automatically affect graduates above certain age level.

“I can not say that those with NYSC exemption certificates are specifically targeted for employment discrimination, but it is just a work policy that incidentally affects their situation. For example, I usually employ marketers for several banks and companies. Because of the nature of the job of a marketer, most companies always instruct us to provide them with young graduates who can effectively cope with the job condition. But this is just an exception. There are other jobs that does not set such conditions.” He said.

For Adaku Okoroafor, manager of Dominus Pharmaceutical company, it is a far cry for anybody to say that they are being discriminated against because they don’t have NYSC discharge certificates.

“I don’t think any reasonable employer can or should do that. In my company, we consider competence over any other criterion. If you are intellectually qualified and competent enough, we offer you an employment. My members of staff comprise of people within several age brackets. It will even help them bond better. Of course there may be jobs that require a certain age group. Some might even require just older people, but that is not to say that it is a typical situation everywhere.”

No matter the opinion of employers, it is the job seekers themselves who know exactly what the challenges of finding a job in Nigeria entails. According to another job seeker, a NYSC discharge certificate holder, there are still cases where such employment conditions bordering on age or service certificate do not count at the end of the day because someone who has influence, no matter the conditions still end up getting the job ahead of others within the limits of those conditions.

While many are hoping that the current Nigerian government will effectively tackle the issue of unemployment, those who feel that some corporate employment regulations tend to disfavor them are also seriously making a case for competence over sentiments.
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