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PVC Pipes, PVC Ceiling, PVC Doors and PVC Windows Manufacturer – Business Plan Start-up Guidelines - This editorial deliberates about PVC Manufacturers, PVC company, PVC Business Plan Start up Guidelines, PVC Feasibility Study and how to become a PVC manufacturer, How to Start a PVC Pipe Manufacturing Company and how to make massive profits from PVC manufacturing business in Nigeria. It is always advised that you should know what you can get from setting up a PVC business in any part of the world at large.

What is PVC? It means Poly Vinyl Chloride. PVC or Vinyl as it is regularly called is used in variety of commonly consumer products when civil engineering is involved. Vinyl Chloride is used in manufacturing products like as PVC ceiling shits, PVC pipes, PVC windows and PVC doors, PVC roofing sheets etc.

From research, a fact has been gathered that PVC is the second largest plastic product which has been in existence for about 18 years and above. The arrival of PVC pipes have demoted the usage of metal pipes when it comes to water pipes, water convey, drain, waste and vent pipes and sewage  protection of concrete and underground cables. The job of a Plumber have become easier because of the introduction of PVC pipes to the local Nigerian market. To be candid with you, the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes has built a good reputation over the years because they are known to be safer, highly durable and difficult to damage. The PVC pipes, ceiling shits, windows and doors, roofing shits can last for a very long period of time simply because of its composition; the production of PVC is made from the combination of vinyl materials and plastics which prevents the users to bother about rust and bacteria formation inside the PVC pipes, ceilings, doors and windows especially when it is used for water distribution (in the case of pipes), rains drops (in the case of roofing and ceilings) etc.


It has remained a recognized facts that PVC products are very easy to maintain, anti-fungi, cost-effective, easy to install (fix), outstanding durability to varying weather conditions and also 100 per cent mechanically biodegradable. Due to all these advantages, PVC products are used widely by different industries ranging from construction industry, automobile industry, electrical industry, advertising industry, civil industry, woolen industry, air-conditioning and refrigeration to mention but few.

From all these points that has been stated above, anyone who is interested to be a PVC Manufacturer and has decided to start a PVC manufacturing company that would provide end-products that can be comfortably and effectively used for roofing, ceiling, pipes for underground wiring, sewer and drainage lines and water system in new or old buildings, then you need Business Plan Start-up Guidelines that will enable you to start your own Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) manufacturing company with quality.

Before you dive into the PVC manufacturing company, do you know anything about the business? Do you know the machines and man power that is required? Do you know how the PVC production line works? Do you have a business plan? Have you conducted a feasibility study? Do you have the finance? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before anything.

The cost implication of this standard requirement is that any prospective investor in Nigeria needs professional advice of consultants. – Contact this Business Plan Consultant in Nigeria – Click Here.

To invest in this project prospective investors needed to have at least 2 plots of land for takeoff. The machines required for the setting up of this project include - Hot/Cooling mixer, automatic loader, twin screw extruder and calibrating system, vacuum & calibrating tank, water cooling tank printer, Haul off, cutter and stacker.

Viewing from the factory sites in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Anambra, Abia and Rivers state in Nigeria, we can say the basic raw materials for the project are PVC Resins and master batch. All these raw materials are locally available. The production technology is also very easy to operate. Briefly, the thermoplastic PVC powder (PVC Resins) is compounded, melted add stabilizers and extruded into the size(s) and colours of pipes required.

There are three steps involve in processing PVC.

  1.         Production of the monomer, vinyl chloride
  2.         Linking of these monomer units in a polymerization process
  3.         Blending of the polymer with additives

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How to Setup Your Goal
The main goal of most of us in Nigeria or any country at all is to earn more money that can help us solve and to upset our bills. That reason alone will make us want to obtain financial freedom by being our own boss in order to eventually survive with all of our financial problems surrounding us. For those of us who are indeed worried about themselves and the future of their families, it is high time for them to put up their own business ideas that can make them handle all of your monetary outflow today and in the forthcomings. If you will follow our research on PVC manufacturing business, you will make a discovery that PVC products are very strong and tough and has insulating properties that can be used in making lots of different products that are usable to individuals in the country.

Becoming a PVC Manufacturer
Now, if you are decided in becoming a PCV manufacturer, setting up a lucrative PVC manufacture is quick and easy. There are lots of help that you can get from. Using the internet is one of the best ways for you to get your help on how to easily start up this kind of business. You can get lots of information online. Take note of this, with PVC manufacture, the investment that you shell off is little compared with the profits that you can get from it.

Starting a PVC Pipe Manufacturing Company – Sample Business Plan Template

PVC pipe manufacturing company is not just any kind of company that you can start without due preparation. The fact that it requires huge capital to establish a PVC pipe manufacturing company means that you should do a proper research and feasibility studies before dabbling into this type capital intensive business if you are concern about the safety of your investment.

Write a Comprehensive Business Plan

Anybody who fails to plan plans to fail. With that said, you are not expected to start your own PVC pipe and PVC ceiling sheet, PVC doors and windows manufacturing company without having in place a comprehensive business plan that can serve as a blue print for your business. It is good to get your business plan handy and review it over and over again before you start the process of building your PVC pipe manufacturing company. Call +2347030722911 for a business plan. Even if you have started running your PVC pipe manufacturing company, you would still need to continue to review your business plan. That is the reason why you must make your business plan flexible so that you will be able to make adjustment when the need arises.

Raise Your Capital / Funds required for startup

After doing your feasibility study and gotten how much fund / capital is required to start off to build your PVC pipes manufacturing company; then you have done a great job. On the other hand, if you don’t have the required capital, then you should explore all the available means to raise the required capital. You may consider getting a loan from the bank, or you can sell your business idea to investors, and you can as well raise capital from your friends and family members. Your business plan is one major tool you would need when you are out there trying to convince people to invest in your business; if your business plan is well crafted, then the process of raising funds will be easier. Refer to How to Get a Bank Loan for details

Register Your Business with C.A.C and Obtain the Required License

After you have fully undertaken your research project and feasibility studies of the PVC business, written your Business plan from Martins Library and have the capital required to start your own PVC pipe manufacturing company, then your next port of call would be that you approach the relevant authorities in your country to register your business and obtain the required license and permission. For those in Nigeria, you need to go to the office Corporate Affairs Commission for registration. Furthermore, the authority regulating the industry would have to inspect your factory before you can be issued a license and permission to start your own PVC pipe manufacturing company

Select an Appropriate Location to Build your PVC Factory

Factories are meant to be in areas where people don’t actually live because of the pollution and noise these factories generate. With this said, the location you select to construct your PVC pipe manufacturing company doesn’t really matter as such, so you shouldn’t spend so much funds trying to get an expensive facility or location. You can establish your PVC pipe manufacturing company in the outskirt of town since it is cheaper to do so. The only drawback with establishing your PVC pipe manufacturing factory in the outskirt town is the cost of transporting your goods and raw materials, but customers will still come there as far as your products are cheaper and durable.

Apply Safety and Quality Control Measures

There is risk in every job we do but for PVC factory the risks include loud noises, heavy objects, air-borne debris, and open fires, though risks and injuries can be minimized by using safety gear and adhering to safety policies. Workers that work in PVC pipe and PVC ceiling sheet manufacturing factories are always exposed those risks which is the reason why you must make it a point of duty to enforce best practices when it comes to safety measures. It is fact that if the necessary safety procedures are not put in place, your factory may stand the chance of being shut down by local authorities.

Quality is another important factor that is sure to guarantee your PVC pipes manufacturing company to become relevant is when you are committed to producing only high quality PVC pipes and ceiling. If customers find out that the PVC pipes you manufacture are known to get damaged easily under little pressure, people may likely not patronize you at all. High quality PVC pipes are known to withstand pressure caused by earth tremors and even earthquakes, etc.

Publicize and Market Your PVC pipes - Advertisement

When production begins, it is necessary that you publicize the PVC business and if you are confident about the quality of PVC pipes your factory produces, then you would be courageous and self-assured in the market place. The market for the PVC pipes is massive and the profit you stand to make is huge as well. Your target market should be those that are involved in all form of construction and plumbing jobs, and those who are into laying underground wires and cables. So endeavor to go to their offices, sites or any place where you can meet with them so that you can market your products to them. In marketing your PVC pipes, you might even enter a deal where you would have to design and produce PVC pipes based on your clients’ specification. Another factor that will give you advantage in the market place is when you choose to deliver the purchased PVC pipes free of charge to your client rather than letting them to transport it on their own. There you have it; seven dense guidelines that can help you build your own PVC pipe manufacturing company from the very scratch to great accomplishment. Advertise Your Business with Martins Library Blog

First Hand info on Quick Start

Many people likes to start up a business and become millionaires in a short while but you have to bear in mind that there is no “get rich quick scheme” thing, this is not true. PVC manufacturing is a real business, so you have to treat it as a business like others. Every business needs to be given time, energy and purpose in order for it to get successful. You have to focus and set things right in order to start up properly. Do the right thing at the right time.

Setting up your own business makes you a boss:

  1. You can manage your own time
  2. Since it is 100% your own business - the profits you get are all yours
  3. Running it is fun and not boring
  4. With it, you can continually grow and grow as you want it
  5. You can work when you want and have a time off if you want
  6. The profit you can get is on-going day by day, month by month and year by year
  7. You can start as soon as you’re ready

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