Traveling Insurance for Cruise (Ship / Boat) | Medicare or your Private Health Insurance

Cruise travel insurance: Having insurance for your cruise can mean peace of mind from the moment you book, providing cover for cancellation, loss or damage to your luggage, cover for medical costs, as well as offering 24/7 emergency assistance. And while Cruise liners have doctors on board, these are private, can be very expensive and are not covered by Medicare or your private health insurance.

Also, check your Cruise company’s cancellation policy; the closer you are to the departure date the less a cruise company may refund. If the cruise company cancels your pre-booked trip they usually have a responsibility to book you on another one, or offer a refund. Travel insurance doesn’t offer compensation when you’re already due reimbursement from the cruise carrier.

Before you depart it’s important to read the Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy (PDS) (PDF, 608KB) to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered. And if there’s something you don’t understand please contact us.

Cruise Travel Insurance

  1. 24 Hour Global Insurance
  2. Emergency Assistance: cruise travel insurance
  3. Overseas medical expenses: cruise travel insurance
  4. Loss, damage or theft of your luggage
  5. cruise travel insurance
  6. Unlimited cover for cancellation and rescheduling
  7. Get a quote now: Choosing a plan

When choosing Travel Insurance cover select a Plan based on your cruise destinations:

Economy Plan:

New Zealand, South West Pacific, Norfolk Island and Domestic cruises around Australia
Standard Plan:

Asia (including Bali), and all destinations under the Economy Plan

Super Plan:

UK, Europe, South America, Russia, India, Africa and the Middle East, and all destinations under the Standard and Economy Plans

Super Plus Plan:

All international destinations (including USA, Canada and Japan)

Note: International travel insurance is required on Australian coastal cruises as once your ship leaves port, even if you are cruising Australian waters, you are no longer covered for hospital or medical expenses by Medicare or your private health care provider

Also, don’t forget to check travel advisories on the website, not just for your departure port but any of your designated ports of call.

What is covered? Cover includes:

  1. Overseas medical and dental expenses, either incurred on board the ship or at an overseas land-based medical facility during the cruise journey.
  2. Emergency overseas evacuation to the nearest medical facility, if your condition cannot be treated on board and you may then need evacuation or alternative transportation to get you home.
  3. Cancellation costs of pre-paid travel arrangements, should you unexpectedly be unable to travel.
  4. Additional accommodation and travel expenses due to severe weather, riots or strikes.
  5. Loss, damage or theft of your luggage
  6. Theft of passports and travel documents
  7. Scuba diving, provided you have an open water diving certificate or are being supervised
  8. 24hr emergency service

What is not covered?

  1. Like all travel insurance policies, some things aren't covered, such as:
  2. If you are under the effects of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Loss or damage to your luggage if you simply forget it or leave it anywhere where the general public has access or where it can be taken without your knowledge.
  4. Loss of enjoyment - if your trip wasn’t as sunny as you’d hoped, travel insurance won’t cover you just because you didn’t have a good time.
  5. Cruise company collapse – there is a general exclusions regarding travel provider insolvency.
  6. Aerial activities such as paragliding – check the PDS for full details.
  7. Medical expenses incurred in Australia.

Travel Insurance Primer for Cruise Travelers

  • Cruise Travel Insurance - Cover your upcoming trip with a travel plan
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