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Make #50,000 with just #12,500 on ultimate cycler. This business is real because it have paid many #50,000. When you register through my active team, you will be paid #50,000 cash within two days instead of two weeks because i have many people from churches, markets and social media to put under you and you get paid faster. Register through this active team.

ULTIMATE CYCLER is an American organisation that was created to connect people of different levels in such a way that they help themselves to become rich with little time, it is real, it is Strong, it is viable, it is a fact, it is dependable and true that Revo Squad pays, helps, liberates, makes rich and sets a man on a journey to financial freedom.

Ultimate Cycler is a mutal community where members empower other members to be in turn, empowered. When you register, you are matched to pay the sum of #12,500 to a designated account after which you would be confirmed and activated after receipt of your payment.

You go out and get 2 people who would be your first downlines but those people do not pay to you. You then shpw those 2 people how to get 2 people of their own and when your 2 gets their 2, you will then be paid from them.

On Ultimate Cycler, all you have to do is pay that 12,500 into a single account and then you don't have to worry about convincing anyone to register directly under you as we got you covered. There are 7 levels on the Cycler but we are only interested in level one because of the compulsory $10 admin fee for upgrades which may be burdensome to those joining us.

Here is the catch : User ‘A’ signs up by and depositing a sum of N12,500 to a fellow member, he/she signed under. When the deposit or ‘donation’ is approved, the Ultimate Cycler systems registers four other users under user ‘A’ ,who will pay N12,500 to User ‘A’ resulting in N50,000. Basically User ‘A’ pays N12,500 and gets N50,000 in return.

Now that User ‘A’ has 4 users under him/her,the Ultimate Cycler system upgrades user ‘A’ to grade 2 level. On this level, User ‘A’ will pay N25,000 from his/her N50,000 gain to another grade 2 member. After this, the system will put 16 people under user ‘A’ who will then pay user ‘A’ N25,000 each. At this stage, User ‘A’ gains N400,000. 


  1. Potential partners register with ₦12,500
  2. Ultimate Cycler Team Uno assigns team members under each other in an orderly fashion to maximize payout potentials.


Donate 12.5k & receive N12.5k from 4 people placed under you, You earn 50k.
In summary:
  • Admin fees=5k
  • Income=45k


We don't know this answer because we are not affiliated to ultimate cycler. Once payment is received anyone we know, we will announce it ONLINE so that people will be informed. Congratulations in advance, you are about to take the first step to becoming financially free in 2017.

This an opportunity to put a stop to financial crisis and set yourself on your way to financial freedom. Don't let people give you testimonies, be part of the testifiers as our train is moving so fast.
 Login to ultimate cycler Here

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  1. I have registered & paid  over one month now but i hvn't recieve my own why?
  2. I couldn't login to my account, I can't login with my phone I want no why
  3. please, why someone can't easily login to his or her ultimate account? they will given the person directive and yet is not opening, it should be resolve because without been resolved new in take can not register through the already member. thanks. cinna as a member in the system
  4. am unable to login into my account, i want to login to my account is not going through
  5. I have registered since 6 weeks ago, I payed 12,500. i haven't received anything,  old I want to why?
  6. How to open ultimate cycler in 2017 to withdraw my N12,500
  7. I can't find ultimate cycler application in Apple Store, can you please tell me what possibly u can do?
  8. I really appreciate the founder of ultimate cycler for this financial platform. I register on the 23rd dec 2016,up till now i have not no one have paid me. please kindly help me out. Someone was ask to pay me his name was george anjedi2.when i called him he told me he has paid to some else called regina jewel. when i later called regina she told me it was a mistake. my user name is ogunlusi segun
  9. To the management of ultimate cycler.. pls i have been an active member of ultimate cycler for the past 3 weeks now but i have not been match with people that will provide help me, hence i have provide help someone atleast i deserve my payment back as it wrks. so pls n pls help me so that i can get my pay back
  10. They said my commission was going to take a week,now its 2 weeks. What is wrong?
  11. I can't login to my account so as to upload my profile and see whom to pay


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