Ultimate Cycler Login @ www.ultimatcycler:com | 2016 Business Review

Ultimate Cycler Login @ www.ultimatcycler:com. This is the 2016/2017 Business Review of the trending Utimate Cycler that you can start with N12,500 ($25) and get N50,000 instantly if you can bring for people to join the system.  As stated on Ultimate Cycler offcial website, the platform is the World's First 2x2 Cycler with Direct Instant Payment, Members pay each other for the sale of the products.  There's no waiting to get paid by the company. Pure 100% NET payout. As incredible as it sounds, the pay system works and you make maximum pay per sale.

Ultimate Cycler is an Incredible Digital Education Library: Members get product credits for each purchase which can be used in our shopping library.

Ultimate Cycler has Tools & Education: Lead Capture Page, Calls, Webinars, and all sorts of support tools are ready for you.

Ultimate Cycler is One Time Out-of-Pocket: Participation levels are $25, $50, $100, $200, $400 and $800

Ultimate Cycler has No Monthly Fee: Absolutely NO Joining Fee and NO monthly Fee.

Ultimate Cycler has No Splitting Boards: This keeps it fair and equal for all members.  Follow-your-sponsor & recapture features too!

Cycle Unlimited Times Per Level: Cycle as many times as you want for unlimited income potential.

Login to Ultimate Cycler Here

Ultimate Cycler is A Robust Library of Digital Products: 
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www.UltimateCycler.com Testimonials

  1. UltimateCycler is the best business opportunity I have been a part of.  With all of the help from other members, we are growing as a unit and that's what I love about UltimateCycler. We have one of the best comp plans around.
  2. UltimateCycler is the Best Program of the year.  Our Direct Payment feature allows for everyone to have a fair chance at earning very serious income online. 

Ultimate Cycler Products

WordPress Basics & Installation: Now there is no reason you shouldn't be able to use Wordpress for all your website needs! Learn how you can exactly to set up and use Wordpress!

Amazon S3 From A-Z “Revolutionize Your Data Storage: For A Fraction Of The Cost!” Finally, A Webinar To Help You Master The Powerful Amazon S3 System - Start Focusing On Data Uses & Put An End To Data Storage Worries Today!

Stealing Scribd Traffic: Learn How I Steal All Of The Website Traffic I Can Get My Greedy Little Hands On And Why There Is Nothing They Can Legally Do To Make Me Stop! Learn How You Can Also Steal Thousands Of Extra Visitors To Your Website Anytime You Want With My Simple Tricks!

Dreamweaver 101 Intro: Learn Dreamweaver from the very beginning. You will learn how to navigate basic functions and build a site as we go over features using the web development software that is the standard of the industry.

Dreamweaver 102 Advanced: Learn Dreamweaver 102 Advanced Techniques including setting up your system for optimal efficiency. This is a continuation of the Dreamweaver 101 webinar.

Mind Map Business Planning Mind Map Prerequisite For Business Success: Follow the thinking process of setting up your business for long-term success.

Excel 101 Basics: Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel and how simple it is to get rolling with this spreadsheet program that is the industry standard.

Excel 102: Learn Advanced Microsoft Excel Techniques and how simple it is to get rolling with this spreadsheet program that is the industry standard.

How To Build A Big Team Fast: Learn how you can build your team in network marketing big, and fast. You will learn from a man who built a team to 22,826 people in 5 1/2 months. There are some key principles that will empower you to make more money, help more people and establish yourself as the leader you know that you are, or want to be. Get your whole team to watch this webinar asap!  http://www.BuildABigTeamFast.com 

How To Have Your Best Year: Dr Break Through teaches on, "How To Have Your Best Year" during The Bootcamp Webinar with Peter Wolfing

Automating Your Online Business: Automate your online business using automated tools using automated tools, software and services, freelancing, support systems, Clickbank, Commission Junction and all sorts of other system explained. Free your time up through automation.

How To Create List Building VIDEO Squeeze Pages:  How To Create List Building VIDEO Squeeze Pages Using Photoshop, So You Can Start Easily Converting Traffic Into Loyal Opt In Subscribers & Paying Customers Literally Overnight If you are not using video squeeze pages to build emails lists, you are losing a lot of potential subscribers and money PERIOD!

Instant Traffic Surge: Using Organic Traffic To Boost Sales Internet Marketing Newbie Discovers Brand New, Simple To Implement Website Traffic Getting Secret- Share In My Instant Traffic Surge Secrets Today! Listen In Now As I Spill ALL, And Teach You How To Drive Thousands Of Extra Visitors To Your Website On Command!

Outsource Your Site Design: Outsourcing website design work can be intimidating if you have never done it before... Do you have web design work that you need completed but you do not know how to do it yourself? Have you been thinking of trying to outsource that site design work but you are not sure where to start? If your answers were "YES" then you\'ve landed in the perfect place to make your sure that you do not get taken advantage of by dishonest web designers.

Copywriting Bully: When Marketing Gurus Need To Pull Off A Big $1.3 Million Dollar Sale This Is The Sales Copy FORMULA They Use Almost Every Single Time! Discover How To Get Up To 150% More Sales Using Only A Few Short But Seductively Powerful Words On Your Website Starting Today!

One Day Product Creation: Who Else Wants To Learn How To Create A Ready To Launch, Internet Marketing Product In 24 Hours Or Less? This Is So Easy Even A TOTAL NEWBIE Can Do It With My Step By Step System! Discover How To Get Up Your Very Own Unique Products To Sell On The Internet Completed In Under 24 Hours Each, So You Can Watch The Cash Roll In Too!

Cashing In On Your Voice: There are a million ways to make money working from home. One of the easiest ways to work from home and on your own terms is doing voiceover work. As the multi-media industry grows on the Internet and TV the need for good voice talent is booming! With all of the new multimedia websites popping up, radio and TV advertising the need for competent voice artists is growing at a rapid pace! Read below to learn how you can become one of these new "voices" - Learn how you can start working from anywhere you may be, at anytime whether it be from home or on vacation in your RV. If you have access to a computer and microphone in your location, you can work from that location and earn a great living as a voice over artist.

Magazine Article Traffic: How Much FREE Blog Content Would You Take If I Told You Exactly Where to Get It, And How To Turn It Into An Unstoppable Traffic Source? Public Domain Content Is Nothing New... But You Are About To Learn The Public Domain Content SECRET That No One Has Been Telling You About!

Income Explosion: How Would You Like To BREAK THROUGH Your Current Income Glass Ceiling And Learn How To Make 5 to 10 Times More In 45 Days or Less? Listen In Now As I Teach You How To Go From Making $5,000 to $50,000 a Month Doing No More Work That You Are Doing Right Now!

Turning Fear Into Success: Who Else Wants To Learn How You Can Stop Your Self Limiting Beliefs From Ever Controlling Your Life Again, So You Can Finally Start Making The Money You Deserve? Listen In Now As I Teach You How To Stop Letting Fear and Self Doubt Hold You Back From The Income And Lifestyle That You Desire!

Tax Savings For Small Businesses, Retention & Recruiting: Most hard-working Americans have more than half of their hard-earned wages sucked out for taxes, and then they get to live on the left-overs – called “take-home pay.” But it is DIFFERENT for HOME-BUSINESS owners! Home-based business owners now qualify for more tax deductions than any other category of taxpayer in America, bar none! Most working Americans are being strangled by taxes, paying more in taxes every month than their housing, their food, their transportation and their health care – COMBINED! But it is DIFFERENT for HOME-BUSINESS owners!

Google AdWords 101: Google AdWords is the giant in online traffic. Learn the basics including setup and intro, research, campaigns, ad diagnostics, how to select days and times etc.

Google AdWords 102: Google AdWords is the giant in online traffic. Learn the ins and outs of setting up a site targeted campaign

Google AdWords 103: Google AdWords is the giant in online traffic. Learn about the account snapshot feature and using images to do ads on the content network. Learn conversion tracking too!

Google AdWords 104: Google AdWords is the giant in online traffic. Learn advanced features like tracking scripts, conversion, downloading statistics and reports, website optimizer and milti-variate testing

FTP Mastery: Learning File Transfer Protocal or FTP is vital if you intend on doing business on the internet. This webinar will teach you everything you need to know to get up and running using FTP.

How to Spy On Your Competition: Use many online services and websites to gather data and hidden information on your competition to increase your effectiveness.

Social Media Overdrive: What is Social Media? In case you have been living under the rock, social media became prominent in the last few years just about the same time the word Web 2.0 was coined and became a buzz word all over the Internet.

The History & Mystery Of Wealth Creation How is wealth created? Let Myron Golden give you the breakdown of how wealth has been created from the beginning of time. Do you know what age of wealth creation we are in right now? You will find out in this incredible webinar.

Internet Marketing Basics Part 1: Internet Marketing Basics Series Part 1 Ameer will cover choosing the right domain name, hosting, changing the DNS, FTP and uploading files, direct response. pop ups, registering with CB, pitch and thank you page set up are covered in part 1 of this 3 part series.

Internet Marketing Basics Part 2: Internet Marketing Basics Series Part 2 Ameer will cover ClickBank product approval, ClickBank Manager, Inserting the Order Link, Paypal, 2Checkout, Zip and PDF Files, ebooks basics and advanced and testing your order links are covered in part 2 of this 3 part series.

Internet Marketing Basics Part 3: Internet Marketing Basics Series Part 3 Ameer will cover branding your ebook. creating a PDF file, ad tracking, tracking your ROI, landing pages. squeeze pages, auto-responders, parabots, downloadables, email accounts, and redirects are covered in part 3 of this 3 part series.

FaceBook Setup: Learn the basics of setting up a Facebook Account. Peter Wolfing will go over everything from the very start of setting up your Facebook account for the first time.

Mindset Of The Master Prospector: Learn key elements of prospecting with Joe Syverson. He will teach you the mindset needed as you prospect people. Joe will also make live calls so you can hear how he applies his techniques in a live environment. 

Build Your Home-Based Business: Like A Tornado Quincy is a master training and will teach you what to look for in building your business. He relates this training to the April 2011 tornadoes in the destroyed his home. Quincy is also the creator of sizzlevideos.

How To Identify Your Perfect Customer: Ben is a master at social media. He uses Facebook, blogs to develop and cultivate as many leads as he will ever need through relationship building. Watch as he goes through his methods and psychology of social media prospecting.

Affiliate Marketing Using Physical Products: This is a detailed webinar course that will teach you a tested system that has worked for thousands of people for many years. It will go from the start through end of selecting and selling products for commissions on Amazon.

Using Predictive Dialing for Prospecting: Dean Mitzel is a master predictive dialer coach and prospector. In this webinar, Dean will set the stage with some basic knowledge or what he will be looking for and do live calls with prospects. Watch as he quickly evaluates them using his sorting and sifting methods.

Insider Tells All: Demetro will teach you his method on how he became the top recruiter in multiple companies. He goes into detail in his book It's called "Insider Tells All" and on this webinar, he will give you a great overview of his techniques. 50 minutes

Dream Building Persuasion: Invoking Motivation Through Dreams Joe is a master at getting to the core of what you want to elevate yourself to higher levels in your career. He asks the tough questions that can get you past the roadblocks that are holding you back.

Instant Audio Mastery: Instant Audio Mastery guides you through using free programs like Audacity and paid programs as well. Having the ability to use and edit your audio is essential for many aspects of the internet. 

5 Ways To Get Free Google Traffic: There are many ways other than Google search to use Google for FREE traffic. Google Images, Google Beta, Google Groups, Google News, Google Site Maps, Google Video and more. This webinar will show you all the above methods and how to use them for free traffic. 

Easy HTML Tricks Part 1 of 3: Learning the basic of HTML is key to designing all sorts of pages and functions in your pages. This 3 part course teaches you real-life examples of how to get your pages to do what you want. Part 1 of 3.

Easy HTML Tricks Part 2 of 3: Learning the basic of HTML is key to designing all sorts of pages and functions in your pages. This 3 part course teaches you real-life examples of how to get your pages to do what you want. Part 2 of 3

Easy HTML Tricks Part 3 of 3: Learning the basic of HTML is key to designing all sorts of pages and functions in your pages. This 3 part course teaches you real-life examples of how to get your pages to do what you want. Part 3 of 3.

eBay Profits 101: eBay is used by millions of people every day. Learn the basics of getting started on eBay as you take a guided tour. Part 1 of 3

eBay Profits 102: eBay is used by millions of people every day. Learn the basics of getting started on eBay as you take a guided tour. Part 2 of 3

eBay Profits 103: eBay is used by millions of people every day. Learn the basics of getting started on eBay as you take a guided tour. Part 3 of 3

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing is all the rage. It is an incredible niche market to make a serious income with. Learn the basics SMS marketing and mobile site creation for many types of businesses.

Fact about Ultimate Cycler:

  1. No other 2X2 Cycler can give you 100% Instant Commission AND Break-Even with just two people all with NO Admin Fee!
  2. It Blows the Socks off of ALL traditional Matrixes, Binaries, Unilevels, Breakaways, Reverse Funnel Systems, and Automatic Online Builders.

 Ultimate Cycler Login lmage

Here's Why:

All you have to do is find one who finds one and you get your initial purchase back! Simple!

Let me Brand this into your Brain NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get talked into doing another Crash-And-Burn program again! This doesn't mean you can't make money with other structures. It just means that the others are Harder to work. I don't know about you, but I want the Easiest, Fastest way to make money and I want MAXIMUM commission. You should too! This comp plan is so Powerful yet Simple to Understand.

Here's the key to fabulous money on Ultimate Cycler

Get Two Who Duplicate!
Did you catch that? Did you blink? I am dead serious. It's that simple. Of course you may not find those firecracker two people on your initial try but then again UC is so simple, you may just do it. Get two who catch the vision who get two. Then duplicate that as many times as possible. It's like taking a penny and doubling it every day. Do the math. After a while, it's incredible money.

However, we all know that you need to put effort into anything worth its salt and this is no "get-rich-quick scheme". It's a "get-rich-quicker" through systematic, effort and the compounding of effort through groups of people. Then Upgrade!

Leverage is the next key to your success.

  1. UC has five levels above the initial $25 entry level. ($50, $100, $200, $400 & $800). We call them "financial vehicles" because they do just that... they get you to where you want to go    much faster.
  2. What most members do is to take a portion of the profits and leverage it to the next higher level.
  3. Let's go over it. You make *$100 with your filled $25 matrix. Take $25 to go back into the new purchase following your sponsor. Then take $50 (from profit) to upgrade to the $50    matrix still leaving $25 net.
  4. Now you can make *$200 ($50X4) and duplicate the same system to go up to the $100 matrix thus earning *$400 ($100x4) and the $200 level which generates $800.
  5. The same happens at the *$400 Business Center. You make ($400X4) or $1,600. You take $400 of the profit to upgrade to the $800 Business Center which will generate    ($800X4) or a total of $3,200.
  6. Note: As soon as a sale happens on your payline of 4 people, you get paid. There is no waiting for it to fill up and "cycle" to get paid. This makes the process faster and ensures a    100% NET payout.
  7. So how can you accelerate the process of making money?
  8. The above is only one way to upgrade. If you want to be "ALL IN" and not wait to cycle before upgrading thus positioning yourself at the higher Business Centers faster, all you    need to do is be paid at a level and the system will allow you to upgrade to the next higher level.
  9. This will give you an amazingly powerful story to tell your people and cause many of them to follow your lead to upgrade.
  10. Which method you choose is of course, your decision, but it's how most of the leaders are "speeding" the process and creating incredible stories of success!

Above are not income claims but to illustrate how the system works. Income earned depends on many factors including the time and effort from each individual.

All testimonials are documented and verifiable.

  1. On My 56th day in the business I earned 5 figures in one single day and have helped 165 people make anywhere from $25 all the way to $20,250! - Dr BreakThrough
  2. I was a little skeptical until I joined and upgraded all the way, and made more money in one day than I used to make in an entire month! - Nadia H.
  3. Due to a tragic incident years ago I was left totally blind, but Dr BreakThrough sponsored me and I've made over $125 in one week. I may be physically   blind, but financially I can see with this business. - Dr Johannes J. Christian
  4. I was born without arms, I started with the company and made money the same day using my feet on the computer, If I can do this business, you can too. - Tawana W.
  5. I was hospitalized two days after I joined the company, but I made $750 while in the hospital for the last 11 days. - Vashun T.
  6. I used the lead scraper software to create 500 leads in my local area. - Abimbola A.
  7. I made more $ in one hour than I do a whole day on my day Job. - Dunamis L.
  8. My life has been changed by the personal development app. - John L.
  9. Within my first 5 days I earned 4 figures, saw my first $500 day with this program and helped 24 people make money as well. What a blessing! - Trisha S.
  10. I saved my house from foreclosure because of the instant pay feature! - Mark H.
  11. With The Ultimate Cycler, Your Dreams can become Reality. - Steve B.
  12. Work hard with the people in your Net, and your Network will work hard for you. - T.V. W.
  13. As a Pastor for 35 years, I can honestly say that this concept and company has the power to fix the economy. - Dr Steve P.

Warning! The ultimate cycler SYSTEM is so EASY that you might miss it.

UC Overview "7 Million Dollar Webinar"  
  1. Get started for only $25
  2. Refer others that you feel would benefit from our products and/or opportunity.
  3. Duplicate. Teach them to do the same.

We hold live overview calls every Monday 8 PM EST
Access # is (605) 475-4700 PIN# 602974# with Dr. Stan "Breakthrough" Harris
24/7 Recorded Call

Recordings Library(Click to listen on your computer) Dr Stan Harris /  CEO Peter Wolfing
Sunday Evening Ultimate Cycler Christian "Bible"/Biz Opp Calls Every Sunday at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST 
Access # is (605) 475-4700 PIN# 602974 
- Replay Sample Call 605-475-4799 pin 602974# ref 468 Click Here To Play
- Replay Sample Call 605-475-4799 pin 602974# ref 871 Click Here To Play Aug 10th session

FAQ's of Ultimate Cycler Login

1. Is this Legal?
2. How much money can I make?
3. What is a 2X2 Cycler?
4. Is this gifting?
5. How do you market this program?
6. How will I receive my payment from sales?
7. How long does it take to receive my commission?
8. Why should I choose to do all three levels quickly?
9. Are the mobile APPS in Android and iPhone formats?
10. What is your policy regarding stacking of members?
11. My sponsor's name on the site is not the person that referred me when I try to go to my replicated site. What do I do?
12. I signed up but I have not received a welcome email.

Answers to all Questions on Ultimate Cycler Login

1. Is this Legal?
Yes. The Ultimate Cycler is absolutely legal. We adhere to all state requirements and laws for home based businesses. This online program uses the direct sales approach with the powerful 2X2 compensation plan, and commissions are paid directly to their members when sales are made. The Ultimate Cycler provides quality products. They are delivered online through our members area. Each member is responsible and required to report State and Federal Income Taxes. The Ultimate Cycler takes pride in providing quality products, a professional website, hosting, and software tracking for its' members.

2. How much money can I make?
We offer unlimited income potential. Many of our members earn thousands of dollars very quickly. We cannot, however, make income projections for you. This will be due to your efforts, perseverance and marketing consistency. 

If you have the desire to change your financial income and take advantage of our marketing training you could generate many sales for your home-based business. This is the most powerful automated system online today and was created for novices online as well as advanced marketers. The only income limits are ones that you make on yourself.

3. What is a 2X2 Cycler?
A cycler is a style of compensation plan the rewards the members that work the program and does so in a very fast way. It is a "top heavy" program meaning that 100% of the commissions are on only 2 levels and each level of the 2 levels and only have two positions wide. This 2 wide and 2 deep for a total of 6 members. You get paid when anyone, at any time and any way, lands on any of your 4 bottom row positions (3-4-5 or 6). They will see you as the person to pay for the product sale and you list how you would like to pay by filling out your profile payment options in your back office. They then pay you and you mark the sale as paid. It's that simple.

4. Is this gifting?
No. The Ultimate Cycler is not considered a "Gifting Activity". So called "Gifting Activities" have no product at all and are on the fringe of legality. Members who participate in our program sell products and get paid directly in whatever payment methods they choose.

5. How do I market this program?
The Ultimate Cycler provides many resources for members in our state of the art back office members area. Our members area is a powerful marketing control panel and we also provide a variety of landing pages for members to choose from. We hold all live conference calls and have recorded messages; all designed to help our members explain our program for them so that they don,t have to. Marketing really comes down to being consistent in your marketing efforts and driving steady traffic to your websites where our automated systems take over.

6. How will I receive my payment from sales?
When you join the Ultimate Cycler, you will need to fill out your back office profile and payment option information. These will show up when someone is to pay you.

7. How long does it take to receive my commission?
In many cases, it is the same day all depending on the method/s of payment that you choose to accept. You can actually join today, make a sale this same day and get paid. What's better than that?

8. Why should I choose to do all three levels quickly?
Your goal in The Ultimate Cycler is to get qualified to receive payments at all 3 product Levels. You can earn more money by being at our higher levels. 90% of our members have chosen to to all levels as fast as possible in order to maximize our pay plan. Ask yourself this question: Do you want the possibility to earn a LITTLE or A LOT of money?

9. Are the mobile APPS in Android and iPhone formats?
The APPs are in both thje Android marketplace and iPhone formats.

10. What is your policy regarding stacking of members?
Stacking is where members stack dummy spots (family, sister, mother etc) in their matrices who have no intention to work the program and then build under them in an effort to not pay their upline. This is not how any program is built to work and is just not right. All people must respect the lineage. Any member seen doing this will be terminated. it's not the environment of mutual help that we have here at Ultimate Cycler.

11. My sponsor's name on the site is not the person that referred me when I try to go to my replicated site. What do I do?
You need to clear your cookies for ultimatecycler.com and/or refresh your cache by holding down SHIFT and reloading the page. You can also try a new browser.

12. I signed up but I have not received a welcome email.
If you are sure you entered the correct email address when you registered, you may be having our email to you being blocked. Please check your spam/junk folder and whenever possible, whitelist our domain. The information you need will be in your embers back office as well.

I Can't Login to my Ultimate Cycler Account - See Solution Here

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