Shiloh 2016 - My Case is Different | Winners Chapel | Living Faith Church

The Shiloh 2016 is about to start this month where new miracles will happen through God's own son David Oyedpo. Remember when the last year's was concluded before the Shiloh 2016 Shiloh programmed was announced. This year's Shiloh as usual will have lots of testimonies and blessing from around the World. Last year, it was a blissful programme. Everybody that came to the Shiloh on my Case is Different went home happy. My Case must be Different in the year 2016".

Living Faith Church Shiloh TV programme is always broadcasted live on air and lot of people will received their blessings while we pray for your thanksgiving in your multiplied state!!!!

Congratulations to Winners Chapel; the Living Faith Church!!!! You are returning in your multiplied state!!! cause your blessings is locating you now in Jesus name Amen

We await our big Daddy of Living Faith Church (Bishop David Oyedepo) to announce the date of the shiloh which is titled "My Case is Different" so that we can plan big for it. As usual the venue of the shiloh will be in Canaan Land Ota, in Ogun State and you can be a partaker by going to the vanue or to any Living Church around you and you can also watch the programme using the shiloh 2016 live streaming online


Papa preached about having faith and serving God with your whole heart that things will turn around for good in your life. That's my portion for the 2016. (Matthew 6:33) People of the world let seek the kingdom of God and everything will be added to us, the God of the earth knows what we are passing through and he can never turn his back on us, for he knows our needs, have faith cause when you have faith it will be well with you.


My plan and dream is to go shiloh 2016 My Case if Different because I know God is changing level for me. This year of shiloh according to our Father in the Lord will be enjoying and unusual manifestation of unlimited on the theme my Case is Different as it is declared in Jesus name Amen.
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