Real estate Business is Safe Wealth Creation, says Building Contractor

The Real Estate Business Development Company Limited, a Lagos-based developers and promoters of ABC estates across Nigeria, have maintained that contrary to belief that the ongoing in the depression country has hampered the  growth of businesses, the recession is actually a blessing in disguise to those who know what to do, just as it affords opportunities to think outside the box and makes people to be inventive

The real  Housing Estates in Lagos, .The main high  point of the scene was the presentation of prizes ranging from plots of land to two-bedroom flats and return of a flight tickets to Dubai will be given to  the respective winners. Talking on the "Real Estate Business is a safe Wealth Creation"  The real estate Contractor  and a motivational speaker, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel said The real estate is  really safe  when it comes to creating wealth,  Moreover, one needs vehicles for the secret to be unraveled.

“In the world of finances, we have discuss about vehicle of  safe wealth creation and that simply  means that there is a safe vehicle that can takes you from your present financial situation to your desired financial destination. If you are to go from Lagos to Abuja, than you can choose to trek, but that will take you a while. You can even drive or take a bike but that will take you a while.

But, a man that transport by air to Abuja will get there faster. “The reason is that the man that flies and got there faster is not because he is more intelligent, nor because he has a godfather, nether is it   because fortune has smiled on him but it because he has chosen the right, easy and safety way of transportation  . The one that is trekking is not trekking because he is a lazy person ,  not because he is not intelligent, It's because he has chosen the wrong transport. what we are trying to help people understand is that, for you to get to your desired financial destination, you need to choose the right transport and one of the best vehicles you can choose is the " Real estate Business"  that is what we are telling people today. What we  are saying is that there is financial power in "Real estate Business" Emmanuel noted. Juxtaposing economic recession in the country with wealth creation, he said “The question is who is in recession? Nigeria is in recession. You are not Nigeria, you are a Nigerian.

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If the country is  not in recession did they give  money?, So, whether the country is in recession or not, what is your business, if the country chooses to be in recession and you choose not to participate. Also speaking, Mr. Olorunseyi Sunday, executive director and co-founder, Pertinence of " Real Estate Business Development Company Limited," said one very important thing an entrepreneur should understand is how to swim in the midst of  sharks, how to survive in bad seasons like the current economic recession, the country is facing and pointing out that “That as Pertinence, Is what we understand before we go into business, that seasons like these will come and we know that when seasons like these come, innovation will be what will make you different. Another executive director and co-founder of the company, Mr. Ezekiel Wisdom said “We see recession as an opportunity to flourish

A lot of people see recession as a drawback but we see it as an opportunity because most countries in the world that have become developed today, flourish during recession. “Recession helps people to start thinking outside the box. It is not a disadvantage to us, it is actually an advantage if you know what to do. So, in recession, we are still doing very well. Another thing about recession is that when there is recession people want to invest in something that is tangible. So, they want to invest in asset not liability and what we deal on is asset. If you buy land, it is an asset, if you buy house it is an asset. That is why we are doing very well in this period of recession”, Wisdom said. "Real Estate Business is Safe Wealth Creation, said the Building Contractor
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