God's Love is Greater Than Men's Love - See Practical Proofs Here

Some people do not believe that God’s love is greater than  men’s love cause of material things but have you sit to ask yourself these question “who created men and material things” of cause is God. God loves his children that he give his only son to die for you and me, how many of you can give his/her child to be killed of cause none of you even me can’t but because he love us and do not want us to parishes he give out his son to shed his blood for our sin, but yet you and I still hurt God, everything have time, even the bible said  they is time for everything, time for your blessing is coming be patience and wait, for God is not a man that he should lie.

Ladies these goes to you, the devil have only come but to destroy is like a wall that is very rough and dirty but when you paint it, it look very beautiful and people will admire it but dear don’t get deceive cause it might look pretty outside but the inside is very rough and dirty that is how the devil will want to cover the dirty sin making you see the fake pretty side and that will happen if you allow him,  run away from sine and come to God cause no one can ever compare the love of God toward our life.


Forgiveness is one important thing that we must practices in every area of our life, for God loves a forgiving heart. we sin against God like every blessed day yet when we ask God for forgiveness he always forgives us than why can’t we forgive one another, as children of God we must learn to forgive those we have wrong us so that God will forgive, see let me tell you when you start holding thing in your mind against your neighbor planning what to do to he/her  you are giving the devil chance in your live, the devil will come in to you and start telling you the evil thing you will do to your neighbor in the process you are sinning against God and it hurt God a lot. Brother and Sister let have a forgiven spirit learn to forgive one and another for God loves love. 

➽Power of the tongue

Do you know that there is power in the tongue, these goes to those one that knows how to cause one another, please stop it cause this our tongue have a heavy power on it and it hurt God seeing you using the power he has given  you  negative words, saying bad word to your neighbor, it not good. This  words  goes to the “mothers “God has blessed you with pretty and cute children for you to take care of not for you to cause, that is why you see some children useless and helpless not because they are might to be that way or because your fore fathers has done something to them, but  is because of the negative words you say to them, in case you don’t know there is power in the tongue, those power are  given to you are for positive words that will be a blessing to you. So don’t use your mouth and make your children useless. So dear brother and sisters use the power given to you wisely.

➽Bringing up of the children

God has given us these blessed one to take care of, children are blessing from above, if you have one take care of it for God have given us the children to protect, guard, lookout of, love, take care of and not to mislead, for everything we do on earth on that day we will give account of, some parent don’t even have time for their children and if you ask they say is our business that is rubbish, you can do the too if you want to always create time for your children cause that is your duties here on earth, as a mother you must take care of your home, children and husband while father you must take care of your home, wife, children and business, as we do these with our whole heart God will bless us in Jesus name amen, I love you but God loves you more.
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