Log in to BT Yahoo Mail - Sign in Yahoo Email Login Page - BT:com

The steps to Log in to BT Yahoo Mail is also thesame to Sign in Yahoo Email Login Page which is available on BT:com
  1. Enter your BT ID or Email address e.g. user@btinternet.com
  2. Enter your Password: This is your secret word which should a combined word, number or symbols
  3. Forgotten password? See How to recover your BT Yahoo password
  4. Click on "Log in to email"
  5. You should remember to tick "Keep me logged in". Check this box to stay logged in to your BT email on this computer
  6. Don't forget to tick: "By logging in I agree that cookies may be set on my browser".

It is recommended that you see the Email security Help

Log in to BT Yahoo Mail

This is an advise from BT Mail; if you receive a message asking you to change your password, it's important you do so. Find out more at www.bt.com/secure

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Goto BT.com and Login to Your BT Mail here

 Check BT Mail Here - Sign in

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BT Yahoo Mail compromised accounts - See help

This help is about BT Yahoo Mail. For BT Mail compromised accounts, you can find help here on this blog. If you're not sure which BT email service you're on, find it on Bt website. If they detect suspicious account activity which makes them think your account may be compromised, they'll secure the account immediately and prompt you to change your password. 

How will you know what's going on your account - You'll know this has happened if: You access your email using an email program, like Outlook, or use a mobile or tablet, and get log-in failures or password errors. The best thing to do first is to try to log in to BT Yahoo webmail. You use webmail, and see a screen asking you to change your password. Just follow the instructions to get back up and running, and to maintain the security of your account and all your personal information, it's very important you complete all the following steps below;
  1. Scan your computer using anti-virus software
  2. Change your password and security question
  3. You're nearly there! You're now ready to log back into your account using your new password. For your personal security, once you log back in, there are a few final checks you must make to secure your account and stay safe. Log in BT Yahoo webmail with your primary username and new password.
  4. Check your contacts
  5. Check for unknown sub-accounts. Further checks: It's also possible that some of your settings may have been changed. Again it's important that you check: Auto forwarding rules have not been set up or cancelled No alternative email addresses have been created. Your sending name has not been changed
  6. Check reply and forwarding addresses haven't been changed
  7. Check your alternate email addresses
  8. How to check your sending name has not been changed

Why has my BT Yahoo account been compromised?

Yahoo BT Email accounts are also now regularly compromised by people checking emails on smartphones on unsecured wi-fi networks. The smartphone stores your account details and each time you log into your email account both the username and password are sent. If somebody else is using the same open wi-fi network on an infected computer, that computer can harvest your credentials. This is now common with Blackberry phones, iPhones, iPads and similar devices. So make sure the connection you’re using is safe so that you account would not be compromised.

Public places are more prone to virus, hacks etc. If you use a public or shared computer, be security conscious. Remember, each time you exit your account you should sign out completely by clicking the Sign Out link at the top of the page so that anyone using the account after you won't be able to access your BT Yahoo account.

Change your password as this is very essential. this means that it's also a good idea to avoid using the same username and password for every site that requires login details. While this may seem to make your life easier, it leaves you wide open to fraud. If by chance someone gets hold of your login details for a blogging site, they will try and use the same details to get into your emails. When you’re creating a password, you should always try to create one that is difficult for anyone else to guess, you can combine words with alphabets, numbers and symbols.

Help with creating new BT Yahoo passwords 

Yahoo Support team tells us that sometimes as a result of your account being compromised your email address may be "spoofed". You can use the search keywords to find more help from this blog.
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Log in to BT Yahoo Mail - Sign in Yahoo Email Login Page - BT:com

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