Child Custody - Get Custody of Your Child as a Single Parent - Attorney's Guide

Child Custody - Get Custody of Your Child as a Single Parent: Attorney's Guide - This write up will give you a guide How to File for Custody and Win Family Law suite and Get Custody of Your Children. Many single parents want to Learn about how to get custody of their child and other aspects of child custody from any Attorney's Guide they can find. There are certain things you need to be aware of before filing for custody of a child not to talk of winning the case.

Any parent who files for child custody, he/she plans on winning the case. From all indications, this  means that he or she is willing to do everything in their power to present his/her side of the full story and ensure that the judge/jury fairly considers you for the custodial parenting role over the child. Physical child custody is the most important issue for most single parents, while filing for child support and legal custody. Now the question is; where is the best point to begin? 

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 Child Custody Image

This Attorney's guide below are practical steps that will help you get full custody of your children as a single parent:

1.  Talk to a Child Custody Lawyer

Theoretically, a parent does not need to hire a child custody lawyer in order to file for custody. Nonetheless winning custody of your children is probably the most important thing in a parent's life right now (especially you), it permits at least scheduling a free or low cost child custody lawyer's consultation with a reputable family law attorney around your district in order to learn more about your case and the child custody laws in the state where the case will be presiding.

2.  Study the Child Custody Laws in Your State/District

Did you know that the best way to get full custody of a child from a law court is to acquaint yourself with the laws in your district or state? This applies to anyone whether or not you're working with a child custody lawyer. Note that the more information you can learn from the state laws, the better your understanding on how to present your case. It is seriously advised that you take time to do your own personal research to find out about state laws, child support and custody lawyers, best lawyers for child custody and even divorce and child custody lawyers. You should always remember to keep a list of questions you have to ask as you work through the written manuals and guidelines for kids custody. You should also ask those questions before your case goes to court from the lawyer you are working with.

3.  Browse the Online Resources of Your District/State

It is no longer a news that many states now make their child custody information available on the internet which might also include some forms and documents necessary to file for custody of a child. Take this advise now if you really want to get custody of that your child; go online and browse your state's blog or professional website and take advantage of the firsthand information and resources available to you on the webpage, you will be glad you did.

4.  Fill Out All of the Necessary Forms and Make Available all Required Documents Before You File for Child Custody

This is one thing most parents are not good in because of lack of patience. When filling out the custody forms, be very careful to complete each form in full without any mistake because the law court works with written facts. You don't want to cause unnecessary delays by leaving one or two boxes empty or providing insufficient information. Take your time and read and understand all instructions before starting off with filling the forms.

5.  Go and File the Completed Forms at Your Local Courthouse

It should be noted that most states requires a parent/guardian to file their child custody forms physically in person. A lawyer can also do this for you if you decide to choose a lawyer to work with but if you're doing it on your own you must submit it yourself. You should also bear in mind that a court clerk cannot give you any legal advice to guide you. The clerk can only provide instructions for filing the paperwork into the courthouse.

6.  Get Ready for Your Court Date

Preparations is required for everything whether you are representing yourself  or working with a family lawyer, you'll need to prepare for your court date. It is expected that the hearing of your case may last 12-30 minutes, max, especially if your case is the first in a series of child custody hearings for the day. It is advised here that you think clearly and  carefully about what you are going to say, because you'll only have a very few minutes to share your point of view on the case. We advise that you write out a list of the issues you want to address, and then narrow it down to the most important points. You could even get to practice what you want to say with someone who could be a family member or close friend, so that you can trim down what you plan to say even further in a short time.

7.  Don't Ever Miss to Attend the Child Custody Hearing

This might sound strange but it the truth when we say you'd be surprised how many parents miss the actual court date. Don't be late or even miss a hearing. This is an understandable step for any parent or guardian attempting to get child custody. Be sure to arrive early to the court and you have to dress properly like a parent before appearing to the court.

8.  Present Your Case in Straight Forward Speech

From what is written above, you will notice that it has been said that you'll probably have only a few minutes to speak with the judge directly. You should be aware that there will be no jury, so you don't have to have the anxiety about speaking to a group of people starring into your face. Try your best to comport yourself, be calm and speak slowly, clearly and a bit loud so that everyone can hear you. Not not give any chance to fear and don't allow yourself to be nervous by anything that your ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend is saying, either. Simply apply all positive thing you have read about child custody and present the facts of your case, as you know them within yourself. Don't ever lie to the judge.

9.  Be Patient - Have Endurance

As the saying goes; a patient dog eats the fattest bone, so is this case. Waiting can be pretty hard since this is the hardest part of child custody. A lot of  parents go into a court expecting that the judge will immediately issue a decision in their favor. You should be aware that in most cases, it takes several court appearances for the judge to make a final child custody determination that will favor the child itself and not the parent.

10.  Accept the Judge's Decision

After the judge has eventually made a ruling, it is strictly advised that the parents/guardians involved accept and abide by that judge's decision. If the case didn't go in your favor and you don't get custody of thee child, you should also know that you can appeal to the court to reconsider at a later date. In the meantime, do everything that the court recommends, whether that's taking a parenting class, getting a job, or moving into a larger apartment. Do whatever is in your power to meet any demands set by the court, and trust that when your case is revisited in the future, your effort will pay off and you might finally get full custody of your child.

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