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www:fiverr:com - Fiverr Tutorial Jobs, Affiliate Program Alternative, Fiverr Video Reviews Gigs. Have you heard about Fiverr? Do you have a Fiverr account? Do you want to make money from fiverr? If yes, then this post is for you.

It is very clear that some of us has heard about Fiverr and as a matter of fact, even making use of it. but I'm very sure that some others has not heard anything about Fiverr. So many adverts has been made about making money online but u till now some people don’t know how. In this post, I will take my time to explain what the word Fiverr means. 

Fiverr is a company based in United States of America (USA) with billions of buyers aand sellers of all kind of business across the world. Personally, I heard about Fiverr back in 2011 while I was still in College (University), but sincerely I didn’t know much about it because I didn't really give it my time. When I later read from other blogs about the king of cash they make daily just by providing a simple service of writing an article, designing a book cover, etc, I became very interested since I could do all that. I decided to do a thorough research on Wikipedia about Fiverr. From my research, I found out that Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2009. They both developed a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. The Fiverr website was launched in early 2010 and by 2012 was hosting over 1.3 million Gigs across the world. Fiverr website transaction volume has grown 600% since the year 2011. According to Alexa ranking, Fiverr.com has been ranked among the top 100 most popular websites in the U.S. and top 150 in the world since the beginning of the year 2013 because of the number of users it has. Fiverr has related websites like E-lancing, Freelance marketplace, etc.

According Wikipedia.com, Fiverr facilitates easy the buying and selling of "Gigs" or micro-jobs online. What is Gig? Gig is just a keyword used in Fiverr company. The term has a different meaning when you search it in a dictiionary. Gigs range from “get a well-designed book cover, business card”, “a career consultant will create an eye-catching resume design”, “help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JQuery”, to “I will be your personal assistant or virtual assistant” and “I will have Harold the Puppet make a birthday video


Q&A: What Is Fiverr?

This is a Fiverr explanation in a lower key. Fiverr is simply an online marketplace where people buy and sell their talent; this company has over billions of traders. Fiverr is The marketplace for creative & professional services. This definition is very simple and straight to the point.

Q&A: How Do I Join Fiverr?

This is a very good question. To join fiverr, all you have to do is to visit their website page using this URL: www.Fiverr.com.  Look closely to the right side of the website page, you will find Join-sign up.

  • Click on Join Fiverr
  • Fill the form that would pop up on the screen
  • Go to your email address and verify your Fiverr account 
  • Go back to the Fiveer page and Sign in to Fiverr account

Q&A: How Do I Make Money in Dollars on Fiverr?

Follow these steps carefully; After a successful registration on Fiverr.com, then you are good to sell and buy. Note that all products on Fiverr are called Gigs”. Gig is your marketplace, all you need to do is to like what you intend to sell. this is very important; setup an amazing profile about yourself, then proceed to GIGs. On Fiverr.com the term "LIKE" is always used. For example; “I will” so from your dashboard you will find how to post a Gig by just scrolling down the drop down menu. Setup your Gig, To start making money because knowledge is wealth, your Gig must be amazing and catchy to attract buyers for you. 

Q&A: How Do I Get Paid On Fiverr?

This is the most important aspect everybody is interested in because nobody want to work without being paid. Sincerely speaking, I thought this mentality is in my host country alone but as I made my research, i found out that it is everywhere you go. With that said, lets look at Fiverr Payment Methods. Fiverr has two methods of payment in which one of the methods; Paypal and Fiverr Revenue Debit Card. You can receive payment  via these payment methods.

  • Note that some countries were banned from receiving money through  PayPal online banking because of fraud.
  • To be eligible to receive money from Fiverr Revenue debit card, you have to earn from level one and above. On level one you can apply for this card and it would be delivered to you in your country through courier services like FedEx, DHL, EMS, ABC Express, Suvex Delivery, Tradeways Express, Red Star Express, Courier Plus, Cflex Global Express, Tranex, Hezofast Courier, NIPOST Office, IAS Express, Red Star Express, Chase Express Services Ltd

Note this Information About Fiverr:

  • Fiverr will block your account if you receive payments without delivering the order.
  • Fiverr will block your account if you are an impersonator.
  • I will post an article on to receive Fiverr revenue card .

Now that you have read all this; What do you need done?

  • Find it on Fiverr
  • Browse, Buy and Enjoy.

People who love what they do help you get everything done at an unbeatable value.

What do you do best? Create your Gig and start selling. It's free, and only takes 5 minutes.

Your safety is our top priority. Secure transactions and our safety team protect you at all times.

Cartoons Chalkboard Gifts for geeks

Intro voice-over cover art

Writing Proofreading Book cover

Need to get something done?
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  • Online Marketing
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