Shocking No.1 Thing Every Guy is Looking For In A Girl who's African American

Shocking No.1 Thing Every Guy is Looking For In A Girl who's African American - It's not boobs as you may presume.

As a young girl or Lady or Woman, did you know that Guys are not searching for love only or all about your boobs or legs? — According to research, they're mainly after your brains, full stop! That's right, according to new research from a professor from the University of Cambridge and Harvard, young and advanced dudes just want some slice of that big, beautiful brain of yours the woman.


From the remarks on the research, it's because a woman's smartness indicate that she will be a good girl friend, wife and/or parent one day, so it's really an evolutionary thing so our population may continue to thrive especially to the 3rd word countries.

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As this has been said, every young woman should bear in mind that next time she sees a handsome young man popularly known as dude across several campuses and the world at large, she should perhaps try to wow him with that large-and-in-charge cerebral cortex and not just with a push-up bra that raises her fake esteem. If you are not brilliant at all, my advice to you is this; stay home and watch American or Nigerian movie with your cat until you are ready to sharpen your brain to read and understand what you as expected to know. Learn how to speak correct English without making grammatical blunders. 

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Make contributions in discussions you know something about or else Shut up, listen and learn. Never make too much argument, instead make research about the subject and bee filled with enough information. There are a lot of things a woman is expected to know to truly impress a man. If you know about any, please drop it in the comments sections... Cheers
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