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2017 Jamb UTME Online Registration has started while the Jamb 2017 Results are yet to be released - This is a guide on how to register for Jamb Examination in Nigeria before gaining admission into any of the Nigerian Tertiary Institution. The JOINT ADMISSIONS AND MATRICULATION BOARD has a slogan "Enhancing Academic Excellence". The Registration site is for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Read every part of these guidelines carefully so that you can successfully register for your Jamb examination. Now lets start off...

Jamb UTME Online Registration 2016 Guidelines

During Sign In, your PIN and serial Number shall be required, which shall be validated. On first use, your personal details including your Biometrics fingerprints and recent Passport photograph shall be captured, thereafter you shall be redirected to the Registration page. Ensure that you have an electronic copy of your Most Recent Passport Photograph (not older than 3 months) before you start your registration. Candidates are advised to test the validity of their passport photographs before proceeding to fill. Subsequent Sign In shall redirect you to the Registration page, if you have not registered, otherwise, to the Home page. 

The Lost Card Option allows you to retrieve your lost Card details upon supply of valid required info that is unique to you. 

Note that you can also reprint your Slip after registration with either your Registration Number or PIN without signing in. 

Java Runtime is required by this Portal with a minimum of version 1.6. Update your system Java Runtime online now. 

We do hope you will find Jamb site friendly enough to register for the forthcoming examination with ease. Please endeavor to study the Instructions  carefully before filling the form. You may decide to download the UTME Registration Template  and fill before filling the form online. Please keep your Card and Receipt properly and always Logout before quitting the system. 

 Jamb Website

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Registration Centre Login

Please provide your registration centre login credentials
User Name  
Note that before a Registration Centre can register candidates, an Account MUST be created. This shall be used to login subsequently. If you have NOT created an account, click the 
No Account Yet, Click Here link below.Only your Access Code is required to create account.
New Reg. Centre, Click Here | No Account Yet, Click Here | Reset your Account

General Instruction on How to Register Jamb 2017

1.0 The instructions provided on this site will guide you to fill the registration form. Make sure you understand every step in the instruction before filling. 

1.1 Candidates are strongly advised to study the Brochure  carefully before proceeding to fill the registration form. This is to avoid making mistakes in filling the form. 

1.2 The Sign In module enables you to validate your PIN and allows you to supply your basic personal details including biometrics and Passport Photograph. Note that your Biometrics, Passport Photograph and other Registration details can be captured online or offline. These details shall be verified on first visit (Sign-In) and shall not be required subsequently. 

Note that you are liable for misplacement of your card as your details can be accessed by someone else if found. YOU ARE ADVISED TO KEEP YOUR SCRATCH CARD.

On successful Sign-In, you shall be redirected to the registration page, if you have not registered. If your complete registration details including your Examination Town were captured offline, these shall be loaded for re-verification. The only Test option available is (Computer Based Test) which can be selected during offline registration and also available online. If you have otherwise submitted your form, you shall be redirected to the home page  so that you can have access to other facilities on your profile. 

Please note that on the Registration form, the red asterics (*) appearing besides some text boxes of the forms is an indication that the option is compulsory and must be filled with valid data. 

  • Note that you cannot change your Exam Town after you have submitted your form. 
  • Note also that Multiple Registration is not allowed and may be punished. 
  • After filling the form, on the confirmation Page, you will see Discard and Submit buttons. 

Clicking the Discard button means you still have intention to re-visit your form and may make further changes. Note that your form gets to JAMB ONLY when you click on Submit button. On submission, you shall be redirected to Registration Slip page for printing.

Note: If you did not submit your form before the close of registration, your entry is forfeited.

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Registration of Candidates

2.1 Jamb Registration Prerequisite

  • Purchase your Scratch Card from any of the approved selling points
  • Download the e-registration form template
  • Fill it and get your recent (Not more than 3 months) Passport Photograph scanned into JPEG format
  • Take the filled form along with you to any of the approved Registration centres and ensure that your two (2) thumbs prints are captured (Biometrics).

This can be done (with DIGITAL PERSONA Scannner ONLY) online or offline.
No Licence is required for DIGITAL PERSONA Scannner
  • Biometrics details and complete registration details can also be captured offline
  • Your PIN and Serial Number shall be required during Offline and Online registration
  • For ease of registration, you are advised to capture your Biometrics and complete Registration details offline
  • After offline data capture, please confirm that the captured data has been processed before going online

Registration of Candidates 

On the default page, go to the Sign-In box, enter the PIN and Serial Number on the Scratch Card purchased. The system validates the PIN and Serial Number

First timer: 

  1. If you are visiting the portal for the first time, the system validates the PIN and checks if your data processed offline is stored. If found, you shall not be required to re-supply those details but to confirm them. 
  2. The Online Fingerprint capture page shall be skipped. Once the account creation page is confirmed by you Note: 
  3. You will NOT be able to change your Names, Date of Birth, Gender and Origin, the system redirects you to the Registration page . 
  4. If you did complete data capture during offline registration, all your details will be loaded on the registration page. You will then be required to select your Testing option Computer Based Test, Paper & Pencil Test or Dual(Computer/Paper) Test, and your Examination State/Town.

Subsequent Visit: 

Subsequently, the system still validates your PIN. If you have not submitted your form, you shall be taken to the registration page. If you completed your registration data capture offline or you have filled your form online but did not submit, your data will be loaded on the page. 


Once your form is filled, click on the Preview button to preview your form. The system validates the data supplied and redirects to confirmation page once all the data are valid. On the confirmation page, your form can be editted by clicking on the Edit Registration link. 
Click the Submit button ONLY when you are ready to submit your form.

Registration Slip Printing: 

Upon submission of your form by clicking on Submit button, your shall be redirected to Registration Slip Printing page. From the default page, the Slip can also be printed by supplying the Registration Number or PIN. You may as well print the Slip by signing in and click on Print Slip link on the Home page.


3.1 Template Form 

  • To download the registration template form: 
  • Launch the website from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
  • You will see a link to Download the Template form on the Default Page
  • Click on Registration Template
  • Click Save to save the downloaded file to a specified location or Click Open  to open and View/Print the registration template 
  • Click Cancel to cancel the downloading Process 

4.0 Using The Online Brochure

The online brochure is built to be dynamic. It can help you easily locate your course, institution, catchments area for an institution. You may also download parts of the brochure. 

To download the Jamb brochure;

  • Launch the website from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
  • SignIn with your PIN and Serial Number
  • Click Brochure link
  • Click Search Brochure or Browse through the Brochure or Download Brochure as you may require.

The Search Brochure link lets you: 

  1. Locate the institutions offering a specified course. You can achieve this by selecting the course and select a state. The system will find all the institutions in that state that offer your selected course. Alternatively, you can specify course and select ‘All’ from school list box, the system will check through all the institutions registered with Jamb that offer your selected course. 
  2. Locate catchments for state. In this option you will be required to specify the state, the system will display catchments institutions of the selected state. Selecting the 'Click' option beside an institution will display all courses available in the institution. To know the requirement for each course, Click 'Requirement' link beside the course. 
  3. The Browse through brochure displays all the faculties in the institutions. You can select a faculty to see the courses and their requirements. This option is similar to the manual way of searching through hard copy brochure. Courses are arranged faculty by faculty in a tabular form with requirements 
  4. The Download: This provides users to download copies of the brochure may be for future use. 

The brochure is broken into faculties, such that users will only download the faculty that concerns and to reduce time it will take to download the entire brochure which may be difficult to handle.

To download the Jamb brochure:

  • Click on faculty
  • Click Save to save the downloaded file to a specified location or  Click Open to open and View/Print the registration template 
  • Click Cancel to cancel the downloading Process 
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