Sex is God’s wonderful creation for the pleasure of the man and his wife. When practiced within the confines of God’s will, sex can only lead to more joy and peace in the marriage.

1.      Purposes of Sex
          The major purpose of sexual intercourse is to celebrate the oneness of a man and his wife – 1Col 6:16, Gen 2:24 other purposes are
(a)         derivation of pleasure – sex is very pleasurable
(b)        procreation – giving birth to children
(c)         a way of staying close together – the sexual life of a couple can serve as a thermometer of their relationship and love
(d)        sex is a way of expressing your love to your spouse
(e)         sex is also a way of calming down frayed naves
2.      Differences in the Man and his Wife          
(a)     The physiology (make up) – the two are created with distinctive features extremely and internally.
The external features of the woman makes her more attractive to the man while the internal feature influences her mood and feelings
(b)     The emotions – both pertness react differently to the same emotional situation. While a man may not perform well during intercourse because of anxiety, a woman may be uninterested if she is offended.
(c)     the sex organs- the main sex organs are the pains of the man and the vagina of the woman. However there are other erotic parts of the body that are very sensitive to stimulation.
(d)     Sexual response – quite different in both pertness. The man responds slowly to romance and the sexual act.
          Sex is the oil that lubricates the smooth running of the couple’s engine of unity. However it means different things to the couple. Let’s consider the man
(a)         it satisfies his sex drive – by nature, man has stronger sex drive and this influences his sexual behaviorur as well as his personality.
(b)         It fulfils his manhood – a man has a strong ego and somehow his sex drive is linked to his ego
(c)         It enhances his love for his wife- she is the object of his satisfying experience
(d)         It reduces friction in the home – a sexually satisfied man is usually a contented man
(a)         it fulfils her womanhood – if she considers herself unsuccessful in bed, she will have a difficult time accepting her total womanhood
(b)         it reassures her of her husband’s love- she needs to know that her husband needs her and only in sexual union can she have the reassurance or his love
(c)         it satisfies her sex drive – she may not readily fantasize about sex but she has capacity to remember exciting romantic experiences which will increase her sex drive.
(d)         It relaxes her nervous system – the female nervous system is intrinsically tied to the reproductive organs. An enjoyable sexual adventure contributes a much needed relaxant to her nervous system
4.      HOW OFTEN SHOULD SEX BE HAD           
          The couple  are free to have it as often as it pleases them as long as they are both comfortable with the frequency.

Sex could be done within two to eight minutes this amount of time may satisfy the man but not enough to give the woman satisfaction. Good sex requires time.
6.      THE TURN ONS 
(a)     Be an exciting partner – humorous, tender, tolerant
(b)     be your partner’s playmate – stimulate the erotic parts of the body
(c)     maintain an attractive look always
(d)     choose different times, places and styles for sex
(e)     make each sexual experience memorable to be longed for

(a)         nagging – aggressive and quarrelsome attitude
(b)         bad timing – asking fro sex when busy, tired or worried 
(c)         rough handling during sex – inappropriate grabbing and squeezing of breasts etc
(d)         undue compliments of opposite sex other than one’s partner
(e)         uncaring attitude and lack of concern for spouse
(f)          bad body odur from any part of the body
(g)         failure to settle quarrels or misunderstanding

1.           Good, satisfying sex demands planning. Since sex is of the mind, begin with concerning how it would be
2.           Create an alluring environment that will readily turn you on eg soft lights, soft music, romantic perfumes etc
3.           Spend time during foreplay. Explore  each other’s body extensively to arouses all the passions. Kissing, petting, caressing, necking of erogenous areas will stimulate your partner and ignite optimal enjoyment.
4.           The entry stage of the act should be done gently but progressively. Do not be in a hurry to thrust in out.
5.           strive for mutual orgasm. The man should ensure he does not ejaculate before his wife reaches organism in order to ensure collective satisfaction.
For maximum enjoyment, it is important that the man follows the wife’s direction during love making
Sexual intercourse is a special gift from God for the celebration of oneness between a man and his wife.
          The denial of sex to your spouse could bring disaffection, jeopardize your relationship and open you up to satanic temptations.
          Let your love making sessions be an experience to be longed for continually.                
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