In Surveying the production of pure water business in my area of (Name of Local Government Area here)  of (Name of State Here) with the name Drink Clean Pure Water Limited (The name is a sample) at (address here) with Five (5) warehouses, phone number: (Phone Number Here), own by (NAME HERE). This product drink Clean Pure water limited is a company that was organized by (NAME HERE) and family, it is a small scale business; the product is highly Hygienic in nature well packaged and store. The amount needed in financing this business is 5828,220 for the better establishment of the business. This product was issued by the co-operate affair Commission on the (Date Here), due to the area where this business was sited we where facing some challenges such as bad road for the transportation of the product to some area. We chose this pure water business because it will be the best product ever in the state.

Sample Name for Business Venture: Drink Clean Pure Water Limited


Surveying the pure water business in my area of (State here), our company which is located at (Address Here)  in (Name of Local Government Area Here) is a well sited new building of 5 ware house which is in best location for our business. We chose this area because, as a pure water business it needs well clean and drinkable water and getting water from the soil was very easy in that area. The business also needed human skill and machinery to operate because it is a small scale business and the equipment needed in this operation are sealing machine, Hygienically machine GEEPEE tank, table, chair, sealing bags, filling machine computer was purchased for the documentation of sells. In doing all this we found out that pure water in my area is needed so much because of the scarcity of water.

The demand of water in my area was so high that the existing one (Aqua Rapha) is very costly that people in my area are complaining of it, which made some people who can not afford to buy the water (Aqua Rapha) N 100 per bag to start drinking from the river which is not hygienic, So we decided to establish this business production called Drink Clean water limited.

In analyzing our product, the consultation of cooperate Affair commission (C A C) Approval was considered to find out if there is any company bearing the name of our company (Drink Clean Limited). And for constant production of this product, we purchased power pliant for constant light for easy and constant production.

Marketing our product to get our people’s interest and services, we  tried very hard in advertising the product through mass media, Television show, new paper, so that people we hear and see the product in stock . In so doing, this cost us up to N1500 every day to make sure the product is being announced regularly, and the price of the  product was also advertised which is N70 instead of  N100.  So that people will be interest in purchasing our product. And the estimate for the advertising cost.
Advert in news paper          ___     N10,500
Advert in T.V                        ___     N 2,500
Advert in Radio                    ___     N 5000
Total                                                   N 45000

Due to the small scale our business is, we also consider the area where this business is being operated, we hired some people that we  are paying every end of the month from the  village for each area of the service such as sale department, distribution department and those that will be packaging and sealing the product and this people are paid N10,000 per month.

This business (pure water) is own by my family and managed by some personnel so that the business will be moving faster. Where my (MR. A) is the main owner and being cooperated by son‘s and daughter, where we have members of the board Mr. B. The shareholder at (Address Here), Mr. C. Director General at (Address Here), Mr. D sales manager (Address Here), he has had selling & management experience at (Address Here) deal on furniture. Mr. E production manager, he holds a diploma in water cooperative Abuja. Finance manager Mr. F Diploma in accounting with several year experiences.

Mr. F the financial manager of Drink Clean Company estimated the income profit of the product after two years and its turn over was very low due to the newness of the product which is forecasted sales, cost of goods sold and general expenses made.

Project income statement for two years
Opening Stock                                  8,899,465
Cost of Factory Output                    5,899,465
Goods available for sale                 5,599,465
Operating expenses                         9,54,99
Wages & Salaries                             4,23,900
Light Diesel and fuel                       384,900
Cost good sold                                  9,54,990
Maintance/ Repair                           70,000
Transportation                                  20,000
Advertisement                                  9000
Tax                                                     5000
Total                                                  14,301,594

After the development of this product we found out that our product will be the best in town and stand forever.

The desirability of our pure water product depends on the availability of best quality produce in the production.
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