These are the functions of a church administrator
1.         Managing and harnessing the human resources of the church i.e. the human capital
2.         Developing plans and strategies for church growth.
3.         Making sure that the church's vision is implemented.
4.         Integrating every lay person into ministry.
5.         Making sure that the church is efficiently run i.e. with excellence; that the kingdom of God is not poorly represented.
6.         Financial planning and management.

7.         Structuring, organizing and managing the different parts and unit.
8.         Hiring, firing, recruiting and managing church staff.
9.         Managing of the different investments and businesses of the church.
10.       Maintenance of proper records and accountability in the church.
11.       Training, recruiting and equipping church staff, whether paid or volunteer.
12.       Organizing and managing church services and programmes.
13.       Implementing (execution), management and supervision of church projects.
14.       Paying of salaries, bill and rents.
15.       Implementing church policies and disciplines. The development of the church policies is done in partnership.
16.       The recruitment and development of other management teams.
17.       Consolidating the gains of leadership.
18.       Providing legal covering for the church.
19.       Management of crisis, conflicts and relationship in the church.
20        Management of the different assets and properties of the church.
21.       Manages and sustains growth
22.       Serves as checks and balances. They detoxify the toxic substances floating around the systems.
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