www:fadamaaf:net – FADAMA III AF Recruitment 2017/2018 Application Form | Fadama Guys.

www:fadamaaf:net – FADAMA III AF Recruitment 2017/2018 Application Form | Fadama Guys

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Presently, the federal government in partnership with FADAMA III is recruiting young Nigerians who are interested to go into agricultural sector. Contained here is the detailed guide on how to apply for the recruitment.

Fadama III Recruitment 2017/2018 Application Form | Apply for Fadama Guys

You are advised to read this guide very well as you will need to act by it if you want to be successful in the ongoing fadamaaf recruitment.

Eligibility Criteria For Application

  1. The applicant is between the ages of 18 and 35 years old as at the time of submitting application.
  2. The candidate has a demonstrable passion for agriculture and is willing to become an agro-preneur. This should be indicated through a written statement in the application form;
  3. Intended applicant is espected to create personal GUYS account with a valid email address and Phone Number and complete the beneficiary Application form on this platform.
  4. The application must be submitted only in this platform. Hand delivery submissions will not be accepted.
  5. The applicant is a graduate of any institution of higher learning (including Secondary School Leaving Certificates holders who have practiced farming and/or enterprise of choice for at least 5 years).
  6. The applicant must have access to land and/or place where his/her agri-enterprise interest of choice would be located.
  7. A candidate cannot submit more than one application.
  8. All information details requested in the application form should be correct, or else the submission will be liable for disqualification.
  9. Incomplete application will NOT be considered. Any missing document will flag the submission as incomplete, making it INELIGIBLE for consideration.

The Fadama III AF funding must be requested for utilization on eligible costs or activities based on a business plan – to be submitted after successful application and proposed training.

  1. Having computer knowledge and skills would be an added advantage.
  2. Your personal Photograph size should not be less than 7KB and not more than 20KB
  3. Maximum upload for all documents should be between 450KB to 950KB each, and should be in pdf, word, png or jpg format.
  4. Other Application Information
  5. You will receive cknowledgement feedback immediately upon successful account opening containing your Application ID in your email .
  6. Your application will automatically lapse if you did not submit all required document on or before the closing date.
  7. If you are unable to complete your registration or uploading your documents, you can return back to the main page and click on`Already Applied`and login to continue with this application.
  8. If you are having difficulty loading the application pages, please check to ensure you are using one of these browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari and make sure they are the most up to date version. You can determine which version you are using by visiting this websiteWhat is My Browser.
  9. The FADAMA GUYS application is designed to be responsive to mobile devices and can be viewed on a phone or tablet via normal internet browsing and does not require users to download an apps.

How to Apply for Fadama Recruitment 2017

Interested persons are to visit www.fadamaaf.net

Login and fill out the application form online

Read more instructions bellow

Meanwhile, it is equally important that the application is only designed to be viewed on mobile devices to allow applicants to check their application status, notifications, and other information.
www:fadamaaf:net – FADAMA III AF Recruitment 2017/2018 Application Form | Fadama Guys.

In conclusion, the FADAMA GUYS application form is not intended to be filled out or completed via a mobile device especially for photo uploads.

Finally, if you are attempting to fill out or complete the application via a mobile device and encounter any issues, we strongly advise switching to a desktop or laptop computer in order to complete the application and uploads all required documents.

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