Let me start by saying that the expression ‘youth are the leaders of tomorrow’ in my view seems out of place or not complete but regrettably its has find its way into the outlook of vast numbers of youth, thereby debilitating their ability to be upbeat, it should be ‘youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow’ or better still ‘youth are leaders’ The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria accounts for approximately one sixth of African population (or one fifth of Sub-Saharan African population).

The proportion of children below the age of 15 in 2010 was 42.8%, 53.8% was between 15 and 65 years of age, while 3.4% was 65 years or older . without any doubt the average age of Nigeria is 17, consequently Nigeria is young, the Nigerian youth are imperative to change not only in Nigeria also in Africa as a whole. Roughly defined, youths are persons between the ages of 17 and 35 years.

Therefore, all things being equal, they are supposed to be strong as well as be able to give and take the best that society offers. Youth are one of the greatest assets that any nation can have and undoubtedly, the greatest investment for a country’s development. Whether Nigeria is investing properly in her youth is debatable but there is no gainsaying the fact that a lot of young Nigerians had made and continues to make sacrifices for national development. It is, therefore, not surprising that during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; those who were shipped to America and Europe to work under inhuman conditions were basically youths. The hard infrastructure built in the US, for example, was undertaken with slave labour.

As part of being determined and committed to transforming Nigeria, the youths must keep the hope alive. Youths are the hope. The future carries the hope and youths remain that future. How that future will look like depends on how the youths start the process of transformation now. How that future will affect youths as individuals, as family, as community, as a nation and as humanity, depends on how the journey begins.

But to embark on that journey, it is important that our youths understand that economic development has always been propelled by classes and groups interested in a new economic and social order amidst the opposition of those who desire to sustain the status quo. Thinking outside the box! Honor be giving to those whom honor is due to, Some Nigeria youth are leaders already, I imply even in most obnoxious times and setting they survive. Despite the harsh investment climate and near absent support system, the Nigerian youth have built and sustained a flourishing entertainment industry.

The youth have repeatedly brought honors to the country through sports noteworthy is the just concluded tournament, the under 17 football team made us proud although they didn’t bring the cup home. There are a numerous youth-led initiatives in every part of Nigeria and the impact of their activities on national development cannot be overemphasized, our prestigious lasulaws boast of some brilliant young minds like damilola mumuni- lifeline academy, tunji -black and white magazines, pastor marvis -portals foundation and many others sagacious mind I couldn’t mention here.

In spite of the remarkable impacts made, there still remains a minute segment of the youth population that engages in underhanded and despicable activities. Some even think the only way they can contribute is to do nothing but spend all their time to malign and castigate every public office holder using social media without coming up with alternative ideas. The question now becomes, are the youth doing enough? The answer will depend on what one considers as “enough”. But there is one thing I’m convinced about, we will surely do more than enough when the government strengthens the economy and jobs are available for the teeming youth population. It’s time for expedient action to institute transformational leadership at all levels of governance within the polity. Let us do more to make this happen. May God bless the Nigerian youth.
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