Consequent to the summit held in New York by the world leaders in September 2000. Participating countries are expected to develop policies, strategies and program that will facilitate the achievement of millennium development goals. This, led to the creation of MDGS affairs in different countries leaded by senior special assistant to the president on MDGS (SSAP-MDGS). Since then, it is commonly known at the MDGS office, subsequently, other offices were opened in all 36 states and they have been operating on projects and program down the ladder to local government.

The MDGS office functions as sectariat to the presidential committee, which guides the nation towards the achievement of MDGS. The structure of the presidential committee consist of; The president, vice president, sectary to the government, head of civil sources, representatives from ministries and agencies, six governors, one member each from upper and lower house of assembly, private sector, civil society, international partners; SSAP MDGs and special adviser to the president on project and programs.

In the quest towards achieving Millennium Development Goals by government; victual poverty fund (VPF) was established to house debt relief gains. In the year 2007, two innovative mechanisms for achieving the MDGs were put in place. First, conditional grant scheme (CGS), to states and subsequently to local government to execute projects and programs. Second, was social safety net scheme which provide cash or in kind transfer to the poorest in the society. Since the MDGs office has been coming up with one scheme or the other to galvanize effort to achieve the MDGs by 2015.
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