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Executive  Summary
Business Description
Business Environment Analysis

Market Analysis
Marketing Plan
Operations Plan
Management and Organization
Financial Plan

            Food supply is a rare business in my locality called Abakaliki. The town Abakaliki is the main capital of Ebonyi State and does their businesses mainly at a central place where everyone operates free entry and exit system. In order to carry a close door advertisement of these products so as to save most customers who oftentimes do not have the time to go to the market in search of their demands, I decided to engage myself in it to reduce the high rate of unemployment in my state and it will also help some of our people who are always occupied with activities thereby not able to reach the market to get their needs because of the nature of their jobs. Indeed, I decided to introduce this business to reduce the working class the stress of going to the market at odd period and, as well  assist in improving my standard of living through financial improvement..
             By doing this, I will be the one to go to them and distribute the goods, I will be at their service as their provider anytime they want my supply and I will package the goods in such a way that when they receive the goods, they will be convenient and satisfactory with the goods.
            Though it is still a small business organization that does not require huge sum of money for a start but I believe that through the assistance of my customers who buys regularly from me will help enlarge the business and attract more customers thereby bringing a positive change.

            Based on the system at my locality via Abakaliki, I found out that food supply is rare and that it will boast my financial up-liftment, I decided to engage in such business.
            Most times, some workers especially bankers do not have time to go for personal shopping due to the routine of their jobs so I decided to take the advantage of that to package food stuffs such as rice with the recipes for preparing it, beans and recipe, soups, leafy vegetables, etc required to make one meal, for one person or two or even for the family.
            Thus, I need to vary the packages and sizes. I also decided to buy a sealing machine which is not too expensive and I will label my business name on the package to be distributed which will bear my name, my contact and address to enable those that need the supply of my goods to get to me easily.

Looking at the nature of my business, it does not need hectares of land for establishments, I can simply rent a size-able shop situate at a known area in the city to begin the business and after which if progress comes in future, it can call for larger shop or land enlargement especially in Abakaliki which is still a developing area but has shops for rent.
            And the location of the small firm must not be situated in market areas, rather places where the buyers can easily reach at any given time.

Based on the relative prices of food items in the market, some ingredients are less expensive while some have increase in price due to scarcity and everyday artificial inflation in the country. For instance, a bag or a bussel of rice (both local and foreign) have increase in price while painters of garri still have their market price to be stable.
            Even though business is a poll of risk, no manager is planning for loss. With this, it means that if a change in market price will eventually affect the cost of my products but because I supply them my goods with sincerity, I will inform my customers with the sudden increase in market price and that will lead to increase in my goods at a minimal rate while a decrease in market price will cause a reduction  in the prices of my goods in order to maintain a good relationship already established and to beat any competitor that might wish to compete with me.
            As it is still a small scale business I will start by going in from one person to another most especially those that are not opportune to get to market due to one problem or another, advertising my goods and on the goods will be labeled my name, phone number, e-mail address etc. so that if they cannot reach me at my place of work they can contact me via phone or mail.
            Also 10% discount of cost prices is given to the first set of customers using this as a business strategy in order to attract others not gotten to my reach and I will ensure that my goods are purchased from companies or commercial farmers which will be less expensive and will aid me to sell at cheap rate.

The goods will be packed in various proportions depending on the demands of my customers. Example, if he or she needs recipes for preparing fried rice or jellof rice, I will package all the recipes and bring to the person.
Likewise in other food stuff like soup recipes, beans, porridge yam etc. the packages will vary in sizes depending on the number of people to take the meal.

As a small business and as a beginner, I do not need to have partners of staff to help me in distributing my goods because it is a sole proprietorship but will employ a casual staff whose payment will be based on the supply and the amount realized on daily sales. I will do the business in a small shop that will not cost much money. As soon as the  business grows and requires me to employ people that will help me then I will employ reliable people that can participate in running my business.

For a start, I do not need huge sum of money to start my business. I will use the sum of N30,000 to start the business. I will purchase little foodstuff to begin it and know if it will turn out good and also to inform people about my business then when the information has gotten to people and they act positively towards it, then I can now think of a bigger means of making the business a bigger firm.

Supplying food stuff to people at their close door might be a hectic business  but I think it will be of high profit to embark on and it will also enable those not opportune to reach the market to get their demands at affordable rate in their house. I will also sale at a discount rate making the purchase easier and profitable to my customers at various destinations.

 This kind of business is a stress free business such that it does not permit the customers to go to the market bargaining goods from places to places in search of low price which wastes time, energy. rather, it eases the customers to purchase goods at their convenient place of work or homes as me the supplier goes to them to deliver the goods.

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