LET US LOOK INTO THE SCRIPTURES IN BOOK OF Job 36:11 Luke:4:8, Exodus 23-26 Evangelism is the pursuit of influx of souls into the kingdom of God and into the churches. Evangelism is expressing the love of Jesus Christ created in us yearning for the salvation of the unsaved. This should be the characteristic emotion of a Christian work’s heart. There must be a constant, ever present tender desire for the salvation of all.
            Evangelism is not meant only for evangelists alone but for all Christians who truly love Christ. Remember what Christ said in the book of MARK 16:15 (15) He did not mention only Evangelist, Pastors Preachers but he said GO YE INTO THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL”.

            There are those who are called by God ordained as evangelist that will go into the nooks and crannies of the world in preaching of Gospel of Jesus Christ with sign(s) that follows through the power of Holy Ghost. There are moments when you may not be conscious of this longing but it springs up again when you mingle with people that know Jesus Christ, then the consciousness come back to you that you suppose to win souls for Christ.
            When you see beautiful children or youth, you long for them to grow up live for Jesus Christ. When you see them already showing evidences of the hard ening process of sin, you give and convert them for God. When you see the unsaved enslaved by evil habit. You long to see Christ set them free. When you hear them blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ, your heart bleeds and you long to bring them to our loving savior. When you see those who are evidence of the presence of demonic power or controlled, you instantly yearn for Christ to set them free.
Divine health            PROVERBS 13: 17
Divine Favour           PSALM 102:13-15
Guaranteed answers to prayer       JOHN 15:16
Signs and Wonders MARK 16:15-20 E.T.C

            What happens to you does determine your fact, but your reaction to what happened does (what happens within you) that is our disposition, reaction and reception) of what happened to us that’s our ATTITUDE.
            Therefore the destruction of your world within will lead to collapse of your world without.
            Thus your thinking creates your world!
            Effective living have more to do with MINDSET than with methods and techniques.
            Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary the seventh (7th ) Edition, defines ATTITUDE as “ the way you think and feel about something that shows how you think and feel.
            I would like to define it (ATTITUDE) this way “As the sum total of your BELIEF Disposition, ACTION and REACTION,  and APPROACH towards the realities of your external environment, anchored on the information you have with.
            When you think in a different way you will become different No matter how an intellectual giant you are, if you have an issue with “ATTITUDE” you will certainly live below your abilities.
            Winston Churchill once said “ATTITUDE is a little thing that makes a difference”.
            Mathew 14:22-31 present us with a story about ATTITUDE, the disciples were in a boat afraid of the wave of the sea while Jesus Christ walked on the same thing (the wave) they feared, Peter saw and changed his view (ATTITUDE) about the storm and also walked on the sea but when he saw the wind he began to sink (change of attitude).
            That is, how you think is determined by the king of information in your MIND, but the mind is only but a storehouse of (the information and pictures) things you have gathered.
            Hence the Scripture says that you should guard your heart with all diligence because out of it (your mind, subconscious state) are the issues of life.
            The SOURCE’ of the information should be treasured for it is more important than the ‘STORE’ of the information.
            It is only the :USER’S MANUAL” that has the right information about a PRODUCT hence the “BIBLE” is where the manufacturer ‘God has said all about us.
            It was Mbgorukwe George’s experience at Abia state University Uturu in the department of the Political Science which proves that when we don’t know the would just be experimenting with ourselves at all time, till the end of our lifetime on earth.
            Genesis Chapter 1 verse 26 “then God said “let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let us have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.
            God gave us His IMAGE and LIKENESS, thus we are God’s incarnate with a simple “ASSIGNMENT” to (DOMINATE) the earth.
            Hence, if you see yourself in this PERSPECTIVE your ATTITUDE towards EVERYTHING will change.
            So we are meant to DOMINATE our environment and not to be DOMINATE by our environment.
            Jesus Christ told the Pharisees that what defiles a man is not what goes into him, but what comes out of him. Put in another way, not what he (hears, sees or eats0 but the effect he allows them to have on his thought pattern.
            Always have total control over the source of the information that goes into your heart.
            Never allow the culture, tradition, belief and mind-set prevalent in your environment to define your ATTITUDE. Please I plead with you by the mercies of the living God who is truly unquestionably right to allow God’s word to bring forth your definition (s). Remember the Sanhedrin sent some Jews to query John the Baptist, yet he only defined himself as “THE VOICE OF ONE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS: “MAKE STRAIGHT THE WAY OF THE LORD” as the Prophet Isaiah said “JOHN 1:19-23.
            Always remember that you have a God given ASSIGNMENT, THE MANDATE to DOMINATE (PREACHING, TEACHING THE WORD OF God till Him who said OCCUPY TILL COME comes for rapture of the saints) and ensure you live it out.     
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