Project Overview Project Purpose
The function of a Center for Disease Control is to make available financial support to discover the feasibility of expanding the scope of the School of Medicine and transforming it to the School of Medicine and Community Health, with separate colleges of medicine and community health. See these Materials in Our Library Collections.

Project Background
A School of Medicine's mission speaks in a straight line to the obligation to the primary healthcare needs of the undeserved. As we examine the continuing health disparities facing our nation and world, We at Martins Library due to Our Services, always asks the question, is there a better way to address this health care crisis? As an institution, is our current structure the best for achieving the goals of training health care professionals and providing quality care to the populations that we have pledged to serve?

Project Process
This analysis will be conducted in conjunction with the Masters of Public Health Program's ongoing Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) self study and accreditation process. The process will include members of (different faculty, staff and students), community partners and a national advisory committee. Martins Library Team will provide leadership as the principal investigator, and a project team will coordinate activities throughout the project period. (January - December). We can provide similar Feasibility Studies on any similar or different projects for your business place. Click Here to Contact Us for details.

Study Format and Methodology
We recognize the importance of this work and the need for all parts of Martins Library Team Members to be involved and invested in its outcome. We enter this feasibility process with an open and objective mind, and very assured of its outcome to be positive. Committee work and investment will be the main process through which we will conduct this feasibility study. Combined feasibility study and accreditation working committees will be established to guide the study through its analysis, reflection and recommendations work. These committees will be composed of basic science and clinical faculty members from throughout the medical school, administration, staff, students, content experts and community representatives. Project staff will provide administrative and coordination support throughout the feasibility study.

Topic Committees
    Organizational Structure & Governance
    Resources & Sustainability
    Educational Program & Curriculum
    Research Service
    Faculty Students
A project steering committee will provide project oversight and hold responsibility for project execution. A national advisory committee is being assembled to provide advice and counsel on project activities.

The Martins Library Team community will be provided regular project updates and all are invited to share their thoughts, suggestions and critiques with project staff throughout the entire feasibility study process. For questions, additional information, or to share comments regarding this feasibility study, please Contact Us if you need a feasibility study for your business.
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