Scientific classification
Kingdom        -           Animalia
Phylum           -           Chordata
Class   -           Mammalia
Order  -           Carnivora
Family            -           Canidae
Genus -           Canis
Species           -           C.Lupus
Subspecies-   C.I. famillaris

Dog                 -           Male of all canine specie
Bitch               -           Female of the canine spp.
PUPS or Puppies       -           Young offspring of canine spp.
Litter                          -           A group of offspring of Bitch
Sire                                         -           The further of a litter
DAM                                      -           The mother of the litter
Whelping                               -           The process of birth or delivering.

Dog is a pet animal, it needs a special caring. Attention,  should BE draw when foreign behaviour or abnormality is witnessed for quick treatment.
            They feeding routine must be maintain for fast growth and development and to develop immune system. The puppies are fed 2 times per day while the adult is once per day. They behaviours should be note when the are free, any malfunction, you treat the dog against these disease outbreak BASE ON DIAGNOSIS.
            Vaccination is annually and deworming is Regularly.
DOGS included in human activities in terms of helping out human, are usually called working dog, dogs or several breeds are  considered as working dogs.
Some working dogs include(rottweiller, Bullmastiff, Alsatian e.t.c).
Dogs has been a man friend from the on set of the early men. They helps men in hunting, protection, survey, security, etc.
Dog training: these involves teaching your dogs something that can be served as working on basic commends or some things more difficult like navigating an agility course.
            The following are some of training given.
-           Basic command like, sit down, come here, stop they, come, go, keep quiet, stop jumping etc.

DISEASE:  This is an out break or sudden change        in normal body function OF AN ANIMAL, which can be cause by virus, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, malnutrition e.t.c.
A.        RABBIES
Causal organism       -           virus
Mode of transmission          -           dog bite
Controls         -           vaccination
But if bite by a carrier dog.
Preventive measures
-           Wash effected place with water.
-           Human vaccination of ATS for 5 dosage.
2.         cryptosporidium infection caused by parasite
Cryptosporidium parvum
Severe gastro intestinal System including watery diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, nausea, & vomiting.
Control measures
-           After contact with animal feaces, wash your hands with soap.
Administer a strong
Antibiotics to the dogs either orally or otherwise.
3.         CANINE PARVOVIRUS: It’s a fatal gastrointestinal infection that affect puppies, causal organism – virus, transmission mode – feaces material.
Intestinal forms: Are severe vomiting and dysentery
Cardiac forms:  Causes respiratory or cardiovascular failure in young puppies.
Vaccination, N/B mortality can reach 91% in untreated cease.
4.         MANGE:  These is a skin infection caused by parasitic mites
-           Sarcoptic Mange
-           Demodectic mange
-           Scrapping the affected place with small hand saw to create a wound small wound or opening.
-           Application of Benzyl benzonate syrup on the affected area.
-           Injection of ivermectine.
5.         Ticks:  These are small arachnid in the other ixodida alongside with mite. They are parasitic organism that sucks blood from the host which will give rise to many tick borne diseases like lyme disease, etc.

-           keep the dog cage neat
-           Disinfect the dog cage regularly
-           wash the dogs regularly with soap and shampoo.
-           Topical application of ticks powder regularly e.g. kezi vet powder, petraz oil, pour on, methylcol, diazenol.

1.         Rottweiller
2.         Bull mastiff
3.         Alsatian
4.         Cocetian

               DOG BREEDING /MATING.
When you noticed sign of heat period on the Bitch, you will monitor it and count form the 1st heat to the 7th heat, you cross the birth with a well matured male dog.
            The crossing Last for a week, after the 1st cross give gap for 2 days and repeat THE crossing, after give space for 3 day and cross again.
            After the crossing the feeding should be improve  and be of high delicacy to help support the growth or the puppies in the uterus.
            The gestation period last for 2 months and 2 weeks i.e 63 days.
            The female dog i.e bitch must show signs of heat for the copulation to work heat period can be determined by blood or viscous discharge from the vulva and reddish, swollen of the vulva i.e visible appearance of the vulvular swelling.
            A selected male dog specie that is desired is used for the crossing. The male Dog to be used for the crossing should be healthy and free from any infection or diseases so to say, like wise the bitch should be on a healthy state so that effective fertilization, gestation period and whelping will occur for effective survival of the puppies after whelping and when growing up.
Classification and Standards
Dog breeding are base on;
1.         Coat
2.         Colour
3.         Health concerns
4.         Litter size
5.         Maximum height
6.         Maximum weight
7.         Maximum life span
8.         Temperament, origin etc
1.         Rottweiller vs bull mastiff
2.         Alsatian vs cocatian
3.         Boxer vs bull terrier
4.         Boxer vs bull dog
5.         Boxer vs Doberman

WEANING of puppies
Puppies  are wean after 4 weeks of old depending on needs.
            That is been done by separating the puppies form the bitch.

            The puppies are been properly attention and care for because exposure to foreign bodies or diseases or stress may lead to the death.
            When they are been carried, a proper measure has to be applied to avoid injury, stress. Avoid stress, because at that stage is a critical stage to the puppies.
            They are been vaccinated regularly to boost their immune system and also dewormed.
When the crossing (mating) of the bitch is completed between 2-3 weeks, they will be an increase in weight, size of abdomen, enlargement of breast , change in feeding.
            When palpated on the abdomen, you will feel the development of the young one in the uterus with your thumbs and forefingers.
            Attention is also needed, if they is any malfunction, you treat base on diagnosis.
1.         Provision of feed/water
2.         Proper examination of the dogs
3.         Cleaning of the dog cage
4.         record keeping of the treatments/vaccinations.
x.         Administration of drugs (if any need arises)
These is the surgical removal of a portion of a dogs ear to make it stand erect. It’s a cosmetic surgery done on some breeds of dogs like cocatian breed. Its done within 1-2 weeks of age.
1.         Wash the ear with disinfectant water.
2.         Injection of local anaesthesia on the ear pinne and massage and allow for some in minutes.
3.         Use forcep to hold the ear pinne base on the length you wants to cut.
4.         Use chromic cat Cut to make a knot and cut after the KNOT to control bleeding and fast healing.
5.         Application of iodine, potassium per magnate solution on the  ear. (i.e wound dressing)
6.         Injection of antibiotic.
These is the surgical removal of a portion of a dogs tails to make it stand erect. It is a cosmetic surgery done in dogs BREEDS especially rottweiller, bull mastiff etc it is done within 2-4 weeks of age.
1.         Wash the Tail with disinfectant  water
2.         Sheave the tail region, you want to cut.
3.         Administer local Anaesthesia within the regions to cut and massage and leave for some minutes.
4.         Put rubber band at the edge of the tail, to control bleeding.
5.         Making an incision an the tail (i.e a v. cut)
6.         Using chromic catcut to stitch knot the tail coccygeal vertebrate.
7.         Proper cutting of the tail
8.         Stitching the skin with chromic catcut.
9.         Wound dressing with potassium solution.
10.       Injection of antibiotics,
Fallow –up- ATT
1.         Dog biscuits
2.         Milk, chickens
3.         Soya miLK
4.         Okpa
5.         Jolof Rice
6.         Mixture of milk + Dog Biscuit ETC.
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