Welcome to website page help center that will guide you on how to create a new yahoo account to be able to send and receive mails in the UK using your computer (PC), mobile phone and tablets with android and IOS operating systems on Ipads, Iphones, blackberries, Samsung Tecno, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia, Gionee, etc.

Follow this process carefully.

Yahoo Registration For Computer (PC) and Tables
1.      Log into or on your browsers (you will see yahoo website page which displays the space for username, password, create new account.
2.      Click on create new account (the yahoo registration page will open with a form which you will fill.
3.      Fill the form carefully according to the questions asked there. The question questions include;
·        Surname
·        Name
·        Date of birth
·        Email address
·        Password
·        Alternate email
·        Country
·        Phone number

4.      Click Continue to Goto the next step
You will see the next page with some security questions and answers and the Captcha image
5.      Select and answer all the security question with the answer that you can always remember.
6.      Type the capcha code as seen on the page (Click on New Capcha code if you cannot see the current written one)
7.      Click on Create New Account.

Note: It is advised that you print the confirmation page for reference purposes.

Yahoo Registration For Mobile Devices
1.      Log into or on your phone browsers (you will see yahoo news website page)
2.      Click on the “Envelop Icon” on top of the yahoo mobile page (it will open yahoo login page).
3.      Click on Desktop view from the bottom of the page (it will load the desktop version of yahoo mail)
4.      Click on Create new Account under the Username and Password Icons (It will open the yahoo registration website page)
5.      By now you should see the yahoo registration form where you will fill all necessary/required information for registering a yahoo mail account.
6.      Note: the entire column marked asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be filled.
7.      All the information entered on the yahoo form must be confirmed before submission (check the confirmation box).
8.      After filling all the required information correctly, click on Continue.
9.      A list of your entered information will be displayed to you to make sure you didn’t make any mistake.
10. Click on Create New Account.

Note: You need to Login or Sign-in to to be able to access your mail.

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