Having an email account is as important as the internet is to internet users. Email service providers such as yahoo.com, gmail.com, ovi.com, aol.com, hotmail.com etc provide this service for free to as many people who wish to own an email account.

The registration process for creating an account under yahoo-mail is universal, this means an internet user in Asia who wishes to create an account with yahoo-mail goes through the same registration process as another user in Europe or United States of America, Africa, Asia.

However, a user may decide to change the display language to a language he/she understands, the registration form on the webpage doesn’t change but the language of the content of the page changes according to a users choice.

To successfully sign-up for yahoo mail email services a user must follow the steps listed below;
1.      In the address bar, on your internet browser (i.e. Mozilla or internet explorer) type in the URL of the email service provider, in this case; www.yahoomail.com and click the go button. The yahoo-mail sign-in webpage opens.

2.      On the sign-in page, below the username and password textbox, click the “Create An Account” button. A new webpage opens containing fields where users are requested to provide their personal data, such as surname, other names, preferred email address, password, country etc.

3.      Fill out the text boxes with relevant information and be sure to select your country from the drop-down list in the country text box. This drop down list is country specific and doesn’t recognize continents. This means a person from Europe, Asia or America has as much usage rights as a person in Africa, provided his/her country is on the list.

4.      Click continue at the bottom of the form and fill out the security options on the next page and

5.      Click on “Create my Account” button at the bottom and the sign-up process is complete.

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