First, what is a blog? A blog is a platform for sharing different information online using free or paid method (e.g blogger, wordpress, etc). You can read from our previous posts for better explanations. After reading those articles, I'm so sure you can decide to own a blog for yourself or your company or business. You can contact us via email if you want us to design a good blog for you to enable you market your product to the world.

Now let’s get to topic on how i make my own money from my blogs with proofs to show for it. As a blogger, there are several ways to monetize your blog and make money online by blogging (sharing relevant information). A lot of people thinks that making money online is a big scam, but this is one of the most realist and sincere things I’ve found myself involved with; “Making Money Online With My Blogs“. I have sat down to write several/beneficial ways to start earning a good fortune from your blog provided you have quite a significant amount of traffic (visitors who read from your blog). Follow me down the aisle as you learn the easiest ways to earn money online from your own blog. Are you still with me? Smile......

Some people may have seen or heard about this method while some may not have. If you haven't i will start by explaining the two acronyms above for better understanding.

What are CPM:
The full meaning of CPM is Cost Per Mille which means Cost for one thousand impressions. Once you register with a CPM Ads Network as a publisher, they pay you a stipulated amount for a thousand impression of an advert. For instance, lets say the CPM price of an ad network is $3, if you get 1000 page views on your blog for a day, they would pay you $3, If your traffic is 2000 page views, you will be paid $6. This type of advertising networks are nice for blogs which get a lot of traffic. Examples of CPM Ad Networks are:

Vibrant Media
Tribal Fusion
Yahoo Ads

What are PPC:
The full meaning of PPC is Pay Per Click and it refers to adverting networks that pay you per click of ads they display on your blog. If someone clicks on any ad, you are paid for the click. The amount per click are not always thesame on different blogs. It varies depending on the location of the user/visitor and the type of displayed Ads clicked on. The device used to access you blog also plays a very significant role in this type of Ads network. Here is a list of some PPC Networks.

Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing refers is simply a kind of advertising where you refer people to make purchases of peoples product by placing a referral link on your website and you are being paid a certain percentage of the sales as commission There are lots of Affiliate Marketing platforms out there, but I would give you five genuine links to try out.

Commission Junction
Sponsored Posts

Personal Blog Advertisement
There are lots of people out there with different products looking for where and who to help them advertise their products and services. They can contact you to make a sponsored post or review their product (write a blog post concerning their service) in order to inform the public of their existence. You can make cool money depending on the product, some organizations pay as much as $300 for a sponsored post, so long as you meet their traffic and other requirements. There are platforms to meet with people looking for bloggers to review their products. Here is a list for that.

 Offer Your Services

As a blogger, there must have been lots of stuff you might have learnt over the course of your full or part time blogging. Things ranging from Blog Design, SEO services , banner designs and lots more. You can add a 'Hire Me' page on your blog to give an easy way to your clients to contact you.

Direct Advertisement
If you can build your traffic and audience, you can place direct adverts for clients on your website and they pay for the ad space you provide them. This is even better than the CPM and PPC services and no middle man collect commission in this case. You can create an ‘Advertise With Us’ page with your blog statistics and various ad sizes you support.

Information (Ebook) Marketing
Information in the world today is one of the most lucrative business because people are ready to pay any amount of money if you can provide good information about anything first. You can put these information on ebooks and sell it to the world through their email and get paid using credit cards or bank accounts depending on what you want.

If you own a blog, I urge you to implement these various strategies today and make some good living from blogging business as some people might put it. Feel free to tell us other ways you make money blogging using our comment box below because nobody knows it all.
I sincerely hope this article help someone out there (especially you who is reading it in particular), Till our next post here on Martins Library… Happy blogging.
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