Solutions on how to access my or your yahoo mail account without security questions – This tutorial will show you How to access a Yahoo account if you lost your security questions and answer. This could be very awful especially if yahoo is your only current registered mailing account and you might feel that all hope is lost in retrieving your mails but I have good news for you because there are certain reasons I’m here to help you with & certain remedies:

I always see this search preference on search engines:
My Yahoo Account Has been Locked.
My Account Has Been Compromised
Can’t access my Yahoo Account
I Lost My Security Questions
I forgot my Password
I don’t Remember the Answer to my Security Question

Now here is the real truth and Solutions:
Your Yahoo account has been locked for security reasons; this means that there have been too many unsuccessful attempts to sign in to your Yahoo account with the incorrect password. As a security measure, your Yahoo account has been locked to prevent unauthorized users from being able to access it. – This step is highly recommended.

If you haven't been trying to sign in to your Yahoo account with the incorrect login details (username or password), this is not necessarily a reason for worry. It could simply be the result of another user mistakenly thinking that your ID is theirs or that someone somewhere is trying to gain access to your account. To read and learn more about Yahoo account security, visit the Yahoo! Help Security Center on

The problem usually occurs when an incorrect username or password is repeatedly used, and locking the user out of the Yahoo account is for security reasons. Lock out form a Yahoo account is automatically enforced for 12 – 24 hours – the account owner will have to wait (this can be very frustrating).

You can use the Yahoo link below to the complete details of how to go about it:

More Explanations for Better Understanding
Security of Yahoo Mail Account - Yahoo! uses temporary, automatic account locking as a security measure to guard accounts from unauthorized access. Sometimes you can also become temporarily locked out of your own account as a result of several failed login. If you (or someone else) use the wrong password three or more times when attempting to sign in to your account, the account will be locked, for your Yahoo account protection, for 24 hours.

YAHOO HELP SECURITY CENTER - Yahoo Account Security Solutions
There are some certain reasons why you might see the message: "Account locked for security reasons" when attempting to sign in to your Yahoo Account:

·     Three or more failed sign in attempts: This triggers Yahoo security system to temporarily lock the account for 24 hours. (Try again after 24hrs)
·     Someone with a similar Yahoo! ID accidentally typed your ID on log in: If you haven't recently tried to sign in to your account, then it could be someone else's harmless mistake. Their Yahoo! ID may be similar to yours and they may have mistakenly typed in your Yahoo! ID instead of their own. (No alarm at all)
·     Automatic security measures: In case an unauthorized person tried to access your account, Yahoo locks it for your protection. (This is recommended)

This is How Yahoo Account Lock System Works: MARTINS LIBRARY
1.   It lasts for 24 hours, starting from the third unsuccessful log in attempt.
2.   It doesn't reset. Attempting to login again within the 24 period will not help.
3.   Try again after 24 hours. Once the lockout time has expired, your password should work as usual.
4.   Yahoo can't provide the lock time information to you. They can't give you the exact time that your account was locked or when it will be unlocked neither can our team.

Additional Information:
If you see an "Invalid Password" error message, see our help article about how to recover a lost password or go directly to our password helper. If you think someone may have accessed your account, see our help article on compromised accounts."

Series of Yahoo Account Problems Faced by Users
The security question to enter my Yahoo account slipped from my mind, I can’t even remember my alternate email address, please help me to recover the email address which has an important data as I can't remember the answer I used for my yahoo question. I don’t want to lose all of my costumers. – from Daniel Brains, USA

I remember my password but I forgot the security question I answered when opening the mail, now I can’t seem to log in my account as it is asking me the security question. It always says that the device I am using is unknown. Please help me to with solutions. –  from Cecilia Swam, United Kingdom

I have two Yahoo Mail Accounts, one of the security question is asking me about where I spent my honeymoon at 23 September 2009, but unfortunately I didn't remember the answer. The second one is asking about the nickname of my oldest son. What shall I do? – from Chikason Okoro, Nigeria

What if I remember my Yahoo! ID and password but don’t remember the answer to security question and didn’t add an alternate email address, how can I access my account if it still asks for security answer? – from Li Chan, China.

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Follow these steps on Yahoo Help Center 
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