This page will give you very easy and simple steps of retrieving your lost yahoo ID password and security question.
What problem are you having with your Yahoo! account?
Please choose from the category below;
1.      I have a problem with my password
2.      I forgot my Yahoo! ID
3.      My account may have been compromised

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For No. 1: We need some information to verify your ID

This protects your account from unauthorized access.
My Yahoo! ID is: Type your email Address in the space provided. (for example; youremail@yahoo.com)
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For No 2: To locate your Yahoo! ID, we need to match your information below with our account records

1.      Enter your Alternate Email Address if any
2.      Birthday – Month, Date and Year
3.      Country of Residence – Choose from the list
4.      Postal Code – Enter your country code.

Yahoo! ID Lookup

No matching accounts found

Note: Your email address search used a Yahoo! email address.
It is possible your Yahoo ID is;  for example youremailaddress@yahoo.com

You can Search Again or use our Help Center for more information about Yahoo! accounts.

If the email is correct, you will receive a link to change your email in the alternate email provided, Click on the link and change your password and have full access again to your mail.

If the alternate email is not correct, you will see a message like this;

Enter the code to prove you are human

This protects your account from unauthorized access.
 Answer you security question – This is the question you answered when you were registering your yahoo account.

There are two (2) probabilities

Probability 1 - If you answer it correctly, it will load a page that will enable you to create and a new password to replace the compromised password and you will get a message like this;
Your Password Has Been Changed Successfully

Probability 2 - If you are not able to answer the security question, the account will not be opened. If you answer the question wrongly in a three time role, you will be locked out for about 12 hours before you can try again. Sometimes you can get a message like the one below;

Your password can’t be reset online.

For security reasons, you need contact Yahoo! Customer Care to help you reset your password.  If you used an alias or profile name, we recommend that you try again with the Yahoo! ID associated with the alias. If not, you can contact Customer Care to help reset your Yahoo! password.

As at the time of writing this, it is not really easy to contact yahoo directly but we hope that there can be a better solution in the near future. Please your can drop your contributions to help users in the comment box below.

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