Printing Recharge Card Business In Nigeria (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT)
We have millions of phone users in Nigeria and the world in general and Recharge cards voucher printing business will continue to grow wide and daily demand for these cards and vouchers will continue to increase and the very simple reason why more foreign/international business investors continue to put big interest in the huge Nigerian telecommunication market in the country with the latest investor being MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT NG. This telecom market is still increasing and will develop to become part of human existence. The explanation isbecause the business has come to stay with the capability to produce millions of fund from Nigerians who cannot do without recharging their phones to connect with people (friends, family, business etc) for different purposes.

As of today, many people smile to their banks because of the several opportunities that telecom has thrown up. Even though many of these opportunities were formerly reserved for the big-time foreign investors, but these days, it has trickled down and can now be tapped into by serious, well-informed, small investors in Nigeria or any part of the world.

Now to the matter at hand, for all those interested persons who are ready to venture into the Recharge card printing business and start earning an extra income with a start-up capital as low as N10, 000 or more, I have taken my time to bring together a very cheap package which will get you on the flourishing path immediately.

This package (as written by MARTINS LIBRARY) basically contains the following:

1.      A UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE that you can use to start printing recharge Vouchers of all networks, though you still have to order for PINS from the authorized E-PIN dealers.
2.      A very easy to understand USER GUIDE with pictures illustrations on how to start printing recharge vouchers.
3.      A complete list of the Major E-PIN Dealers In Nigeria from where you can be buying recharge PINs you will be printing on papers.
4.      Large Marketing ideas which will help you succeed with this lucrative business. This is the most challenging aspect of voucher business because, it is not the number of recharge vouchers that you can print in a day that matters but the number of vouchers you can sell on a daily basis.

This package also contains information on:

1.      The names of the dealers or companies you can choose from, their contact addresses, phone numbers and websites addresses of those that have websites (Not all these dealers have websites).
2.      The range of prices the different dealers are selling recharging PINS of all the different networks.
3.      The contact addresses of the dealers that require you to have access to computer and those that do not.
4.      How you can still patronize dealers that will require you to have access to computer without you needing to buy your own computer and subscribe for personal internet.
5.      How you can make your business name and address appear on each recharge voucher you print.
6.      How you can reprint a faded, skipped or any lost voucher during or after printing…..and MANY MORE.

The STEP BY STEP USER GUIDE, (including pictures) contained in this package, will guide you through printing your first batch of recharge vouchers. The guide is so easy to understand to the extent that a junior secondary school student you trust can be helping you with the printing of the vouchers when you are busy taking care of some other businesses.

By the time you digest the package and start the business, you will find out that within some weeks, you will be profitable and smiling to the bank. Besides, it is a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life. The package is like giving you the map to a goldmine and if you try as much as possible to get the package, am sure you will forever be grateful for the opportunity to discover the goldmine.

The package is NOT FREE OF CHARGE.
The package worth N20,000 considering the fact that it is like giving you the secrets of printing money forever but I want to prove to you that I am not greedy but just want to help considering the current harsh economic situation of the country. So instead of selling at N20,000 like my friends advised me to, which is still a good bargain considering thousands of Naira people keep paying at SEMINARS, I have decided to sell it low at N10,000 to the first 200 serious Nigerians that order for the package. After selling to the serious 200 Nigerians, I will then increase the selling price of the package to N15000. Now, that means there will be a rush for the package. With thousands of people coming from different search engines, forums, blogs etc; to read this free article in its first week of publication, I am sure all 200 spaces will get filled up within two weeks.

IT IS IMPORTANT YOU HURRY NOW AND PLACE YOUR ORDER. If banks could be interested in having a share of this lucrative business, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

To order, you have to pay N10,000 to the account below:

Bank name – Ecobank (Nigeria)
Account name – Martins Chima
Account number – 2691085510

After payment, you will have to send a text message to 07030722911 about your payment details and your email address where the recharge card package will be sent to. Once your payment is confirmed, you will get your package as soon as possible, delivered right into your email inbox. This is tagged; How To Print Recharge Cards- Printing Recharge Cards In Nigeria (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT)

For more information, send your questions and request via email to 



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