National Intelligence Agency
Agency overview
FormedJune 5, 1986
Jurisdiction: Government of Nigeria

Headquarters: Abuja,Nigeria
Agency executive: Olaniyi Oladeji,
Director General

The National Intelligence Agency(NIA) is a Nigerian government division tasked with overseeing foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations

Fulfilling one of the promises made in his first national address as president, in June 1986 Ibrahim Babangida issued Decree Number 19, dissolving the National Security Organization (NSO) and restructuring Nigeria's security services into three separate entities under the Office of the Co-ordinator of National Security.

* State Security Service (SSS) - Responsible for domestic intelligence
* National Intelligence Agency (NIA) - Responsible for Foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations
*Defence Intelligence Agency (Nigeria)Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) - Responsible for military intelligence.

Directors General of the NIA
Albert K. Horsfall

Brigadier-General Haliru Akilu (Rtd)

Zakari Y. Ibrahim

Godfrey B. Preware

Uche O. Okeke

Emmanuel E. Imohe
2007 - 2009 (September, 2009)

Olaniyi Oladeji
2007 - 2009 (September, 2010)

Abuja — This month of June 2006 marks exactly twenty years ago when the government of former President Ibrahim B. Babangida,gave birth to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). In doing this, General Babangida also created two other bodies vide Degree 19 of 1986 which apart from the NIA also gave the nod to the creation of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), the State Security Service (SSS) and the office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA).With the advent of democratic rule and the adoption of the 1999 Constitution, Decree 19 of 5th June 1986 has now become known as Cap. 278 of the Laws of the Federation. As we roll outdrums to celebrate the coming of age of the NIA, it behoves usto dwell a little into the functions and responsibilities of this body in the sustenance of the security and well-being of Nigeria and Nigerians in the project of nation building. The NIA as a body has often been confused either with the NIIA, i.e. the Nigerian Institute of International Affa irs or the NIA,the Nigerian Institute of Architects
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