Terrorism is a means to cause terror and terrify people. Many Victims of  terrorism are non-combatants. They are mostly civilians and ordinary people that are not connected to the issue of religious, economic, political and ideological powers. Sloam (1978) associates the term, terrorism’ as one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. This implies that in the cause of fighting or struggling for liberation, the librated one leads to the boundage of another. The freed person will go ahead frustrating the unfreed. And the unfreed person in the struggle to be
liberated will lauch attack and aggression.
However, any act of violence unleashed without expectation or information be it political, religious, economic or otherwise, is terrorism. In the work of Jenkins (1978), he maintains that “political terrorism” as a threat of violence, individual acts of violence, or a campaign of violence designed primarily to instill fear”. However, America’s states department defines terrorism as premeditated politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant target by sub-national groups or Clandstine agents, in essence, political terrorism is goal-oriented employed in pursuit of political, social, ideological or economic objectives as contained in (Barkan and Snowder, 2001 cook 1989). It is a calculated violence directed at affecting the views and behaviour of specific groups.
The popularl 9/11 USA attack that led to the USA decoration of war on terrorism by Osama bin Laden is a good example. Since the clash of civilization, issue of failure of modernity and US hegemony has been possing challenges to the Eastern blocked and Western block of the bi-polarity, Soviet union, North Korea Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuba and Libya, the only alternative is to revolt against the USA powers as they are being imposed with religious, cultural and ideological patterns.
Finally, terrorist know no king, brother, sister, mother, father, siblings and even the bomb detonators themselves and the laws of the land as it may take place either in the day time, night, market place or any where at all.
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