Welcome to my blog. Here, I will teach you how to reply a query or respond to a query or better still, answer a query in your office. I have written down a short sample of a reply for a query for lateness. Replying any type of query is very simple but first of all, you have to understand  the nature of query given to you by your boss in your office. there are different types of query, viz.... Query for lateness, negligence of duty, absence from office, incompetence, etc. Here is the sample i wrote down. You can learn from it and use it as a sample. 

                                                                             Name of Office
                                                                             Office of the Accountant General
                                                                             Lagos State Ministry of Finance
                                                                             Location Here
The State Project Coordinator
Lagos State, NEWMAPD
No 1 Address Road (Location Here)
11th August, 2014

                                 RE: QUERY ON LATE COMING TO WORK
May I, refer to the query served against me today the 11th day of August 2014,
And state as follows:

That the time i came to work was 9:35am not 10:20am as written in the query. In avoidance of doubt , you may wish to inquire from the project driver Mrs. Victoria Francis Green (this is a sample) and the Security Officer both of them saw me when i came to office this morning.

you may recall, that at about 10am when you requested for my presence in your office that I, had entered and printed 18 payment vouchers on Flexible Accounting, this are facts and verifiable.

Recall also my wife present ill heath which i had pleaded before now for your permission to be taken her to hospital for medical check up every morning. 

It is on the above background that i, humbly request the Project Coordinator to dismiss the charge against me and exonerate me from any disciplinary action.
Humbly submitted for your kind consideration.

Your faithfully
Signature Here
Name Here (Office Position)
I hope you have learned one or two thing from this sample. I will explain more on this query and other queries in my next post... ee you soon...
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