Shiloh 2017/2018 Winners Chapel Live Broadcast | Video Streaming and Telecast Ota (Online Service)

Shiloh 2017/2018 Winners Chapel Live Broadcast - Video Streaming and Telecast (Ota Online Service)

Living Faith Church: Presently, the Shiloh 2017 date and theme has been announced on the second week of October and is scheduled for December 10th to 15th 2017. As a matter of fact, it is important that we want to notify everyone that as at the time of writing this article, the Shiloh 2017 of Winners Chapel (Living Faith Church) has been scheduled for this year.

Shiloh 2017 Live Streaming Worldwide International | Ota Online Service

First and foremost, if you don't know what Shiloh is all about then continue reading; Shiloh programme is an annual gathering of all members of the Living Faith Church (both Nigeria and abroad), aka Winners' Chapel to pray with the Bishop of the church and other anointed men of God who has already been invited to the programme. 

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Meanwhile, remember that at the end of the Shiloh 2016 program tagged "My case is Different", the President and Founder of the Living Faith Church; Bishop David Oyedepo declared that the year 2017 shiloh will be announced soon. The good news now is that it has finally been announced. See Shiloh 2017 Theme | Date | Venue | Messages - Winners Chapel Shiloh 2017/2018.

Keep in mind that the Shiloh 2014, Shiloh 2015 and Shiloh 2016 which are the previously-concluded programme at CanaanLand Ota in Ogun State, Nigeria was wonderful, with lots of testimonies. - Shiloh Updates: - See the Amazing things that happened on Shiloh Canaan Ground - Watch Video

On the other hand,  after the last shiloh programme, Bishop Oyedepo said that the next Shiloh 2017 programme will start off when the new date is announced. For those who does not know what the Shiloh program is all about should now be informed that Shiloh is a yearly church event of the Living faith Church always held at Faith Tabernacle Canaan Land Ota, Nigeria.

Watch Shiloh 2017 Live Here

Shiloh 2016 From Glory to Glory | Winners Chapel | Living Faith Church

2017 Shiloh program will several incredible breakthrough and testimonies from viewers around Nigeria and the world in general. The amazing testimonies includes; salvation, open doors, financial breakthrough, healing, knowledge e.t.c.

You are thereby advised not to miss out in this year's Shiloh 2017 program termed; "The New Dawn". shiloh 2016 theme was tagged, "My Case is Different", the shiloh 2015 theme was tagged; "Glory to Glory" while the shiloh 2014 was tagged "Heaven-on-earth."

In the long run, please remain connected and tuned to this page to get Live streaming of the Shiloh 2017 live updates from our online broadcasting platform to enable you watch the video from your tablets, phones and computers (laptops and desktops).

Shiloh 2017 Winners Chapel Live Broadcast - Video Streaming and Telecast

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As usual, the Shiloh 2017 programme highlights is to be scheduled (as shown in Living Faith Church website and Live broadcast link which connect the Winner Chapel TV stations). Interested persons that will travel to the programme site in Canaanland, Ota Ogun state should be aware of the following;

Shiloh 2017 Morning Session Bible Study 

Generally speaking, please everyone should be notified that the early Morning session of Shiloh 2017 is always scheduled to start-off 7am. and end by 11am. The  teachings of the Bible This will contain a series of 3 session.

Shiloh 2017 Afternoon Session Healing School

In the same fashion, the shiloh 2017 healing school starts everyday by 11:30am through 1:30pm. In the light of this, this session start off immediately after the morning session in Canaanland. In short, this healing school is for sick people. Do you have a sicknesses or disease and your doctors has told you that there is no treatment or solution? As a matter of fact, this healing school session is for you. Comparatively, if you are oppresses and need a spiritual touch of the spirit of God, you don't have any reason to miss this afternoon session.

Shiloh 2017 Business Summit

This session is people seeking for financial breakthrough and freedom to make wealth through the right way. The time is always scheduled for 11.30am to 1.30pm daily. Businessmen and women should be a part of this shiloh 2017 business summit session. This year is expected to bring more favours.

Shiloh 2017 Youth Alive Forum

All things considered, if you are age 18 and above, then you are a youths and this shiloh 2017 youth alive forum session for you. For this reason, the 2016 Youth Alive forum is expected to start from 3pm to 5pm daily as it has been usual. As can be seen, Bishop Oyedepo and other men of God will address issues concerning the youths. In the final analysis, they will have discussions about Agape (true) love and relationship, dating, courting, preparation for marriage, godliness, prevention/use of drugs, smoking etc.

Shiloh 2017 Evening Session Teachings

Ofcourse, the final programme of the day in Shiloh 2017 is the teachings of the papa David himself. All viewers are not to miss this session because it always comes with a power packed package. Meanwhile, this evening session starts from 7pm in the evening till 10-11pm daily. From here on, the presiding president and Bishop, in the person of Bishop David Oyedepo himself will be teaching during the evening session, so you should watch it live as it unvails.

Shiloh 2017 - Living Faith Church - Winner Chapel

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Shiloh 2017/2018 Winners Chapel Live Broadcast | Video Streaming and Telecast

Shiloh 2017 Live Broadcast, Telecast Streaming

Please note: Shiloh 2016 Live streaming will be transmitted here live by visiting the link below. 
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"God told me, “Tell anyone on the line for a miracle job, let Me engage you and no employer will be able to reject you.” Bishop David Oyedepo, September - December, 2018
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