Latest Hotel Job Vacancies in Nigeria | How to Apply for Hospitality/Hotel Jobs (Recruitment)

Latest Hotel Job Vacancies in Nigeria | How to Apply for Hospitality/Hotel Jobs (Recruitment)

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In this article, you will learn How to Apply for Hotel Jobs in Nigeria and get the job immediately.

Hotel Jobs in Nigeria | You may not know this, but it’s actually fun working as an hotelier, you get to provide accommodation and hospitality for people who arrived late from different locations. The service is even more enjoyable to people coming into the country or state for the first time for business purposes and for some certain reasons you get a sense of satisfaction when you know you’ve made someone feel safe.

How to Apply for Hotel Jobs in Nigeria

Presently, there are many opportunities open for an hotelier, as we now have several hotels established with sound amenities; some are built in areas where you have low population density and where houses are not in sight in case a visitor arrives late.  As a matter of fact, many guests would rather prefer lodging in hotels than take shelter with strangers or sleep in villages with cold roof leaking houses, mosquito bites and fear of attack by wood lumps.

Job Opportunities in an Hotel

First and foremost, you may be having troubles figuring out what other opportunities that are available in hotels, look, hotel works have vast fields where applicants can apply for employment. Furthermore, it isn't all about being the receptionist or looking after the guest, room service and what you think there are many other fields including working as a;

  1. Front Desk Agent
  2. Dining Room Attendant
  3. Executive Sous Chef. …
  4. Food Runner …
  5. Stewarding
  6. House person. …
  7. Complimentary Food Attendant. …
  8. Food and Beverage Operations Manager.
  9. Dishwashers
  10. Receptionists
  11. Hotel laundry attendant
  12. And lots more

Skills Needed to Work in an Hotel

Of course, hotel managers need specific skill sets. As a matter of fact, people whose skills are imperative, because hotel managers must know how to understand and satisfy the needs of customers and employees alike. On the other hand, listening skills help hotel managers to determine guest concerns, while customer-service and problem-solving skills give them judgment to choose the best course of action.

However, to motivate and guide hotel staff and resolve conflicts, leadership and managerial abilities are a must. Additionally, hotel managers and in fact all workers juggle every aspect of a property’s operation, from schedules to budgets to human resources, so organizational skills are essential. Above all, for you to climb to the top hotel job, managers must also have knowledge in sales and marketing, accounting, computer systems and administration.

  1. First, you must be a friendly personality and a genuine desire to help and please others;
  2. Secondly, the ability to think clearly and make quick decisions;
  3. Next, numeracy and logistical planning skills;
  4. In addition, a professional manner and a calm, rational approach in hectic situations;
  5. Similarly, the ability to balance customer and business priorities;
  6. In a like manner, flexibility and a ‘can do’ mentality;
  7. Above all, energy and patience;
  8. Finally, it is equally important that excellent communication and interpersonal skills, especially when dealing with speakers of other languages.
  9. In summary, language skills may also be an advantage, especially for hotels which are part of an international chain.

Qualifications to apply for a Hotel Job in Nigeria

Generally, speaking, you don’t need an educational qualification to work as a cook, anybody can work as one. But you will be interviewed and assessed to check if you will be capable of giving customers what they desire, they very best for the money they are willing to spend. Overall, working as a receptionist or in their social fields will demand qualifications like;

  1. First and foremost, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old to apply.
  2. Keep in mind that front desk jobs are entry-level in nature. Some hotels may insist that applicants have a high school diploma, but education and training beyond that is normally optional.
  3. Another thing is business, marketing and communication skills
  4. In the same way, excellent customer service skills
  5. Likewise, budgeting skills
  6. In the light of this, social and friendly character to cope with the different calibers of customers you’ll come across.

All things considered, this area of work is open to all graduates and those with an HND, a degree in the following subjects may increase your chances:

  1. First of all,Business with languages;
  2. Secondly, Business or management;
  3. Thirdly, Hotel and hospitality management;
  4. Finally, Travel, tourism or leisure studies.

That being said, if you decide that you want to work in a particular section of a hotel or hotel group, such as advertising or accounting, you may need a relevant qualification or professional accreditation.

  1. You should know that some of the management training program run by large hotel groups are for graduate entry only, for which a minimum 2:2 degree is usually required.
  2. Furthermore, it is possible to enter hotel management without a degree, HND or foundation degree, since employers place a lot of emphasis on relevant experience. A general standard of education is expected but you can work your way up to management through on-the-job training and external qualifications.
  3. Equally important, a postgraduate qualification is not normally necessary for entry unless your first degree is in a non-relevant subject or you lack work experience. Also, Masters, diploma and certificate courses in hotel and/or hospitality management are offered at various institutions.
  4. It has been reported that many of these courses are open to graduates from any discipline with little or no experience, as well as non-graduates with significant hotel or managerial experience.

Outlook for Hotel Job (Business Trend)

As shown on a well researched web, jobs for hotel managers will grow 8 percent from 2010 to 2020, slower than the average of fourteen (14) percent for all jobs. Even though the tourism industry will expand, the hotel sector will move toward more limited-service properties with fewer amenities and features to manage. Now think about it, what’s more, hotel operators are scaling back on management to slash costs.
Latest Hotel Job Vacancies in Nigeria | How to Apply for Hospitality/Hotel Jobs (Recruitment)

Given these points, employment prospects will be best at smaller hotels, which see fewer competitors for management openings. In the long run, all managers with a four (4) year degree in hotel management will have the best shot at jobs, especially inside luxury hotels.

When , Where and How to Apply for Hotel Jobs in Nigeria

From analysis seen online, hotel vacancies and recruitment are usually announced online for interested and qualified applicants who have what it takes to assume the positions in the hotels. It is equally important that you should check in frequently because you won’t want to miss out of any of the opportunity to apply. Keep in mind that you may be required to submit your resume/curriculum vitae (CV) online for examination then you’ll be invited for an interview to further check your level of accuracy and all.


  1. Ensure to include your educational, vocational and other qualifications, these may be an added advantage of gaining employed.
  2. When applying, do not forget to fill in your personal details carefully.
  3. If application will be online, then you will not be required to pay any money for whatsoever reasons by the hotel management. Once you see info as like, discard such and flee from such site as some may be fraud.
  4. You will be required to own an email address where message can be sent to you regarding employment and the rest.
  5. Keep an optimistic mind; do not get scared when you notice crowds at the interview, you may end up being the only applicants qualified for employment.

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