Npower Aptitude Test Result Checker 2017 | Recruitment Assessment Score (July/August)

Npower Aptitude Test Result Checker 2017 | Recruitment Assessment Score (July/August)

N-POWER APTITUDE TEST RESULTS ONLINE JUNE/JULY IS OUT – This is the completed assessment test and npower test result checker, N-power aptitude test 2017 scores, Npower questions and answers. In this article, we will discuss all in all about latest news updates on N-POWER Aptitude Test Result Online.

2017 N-POWER ASSESSMENT TEST RESULT - Check Your Aptitude Test Result

  1. Firstly, the utilities industry is highly regulated. How do you stay on top of policy changes and trends related to our business?
  2. Secondly, Our industry is highly competitive. In your opinion, what are we doing right at Npower? What could we be doing better?
  3. Thirdly, Have you personally used the services of Npower? If so, what was your overall experience?
  4. Finally, Npower has many different departments and growth opportunities. Where would you like to see your career go with us in the next couple of years?


N-Power Volunteer Programme Recruitment Result 2017 – As a matter of fact, the Federal Government social investment programme aimed at recruiting 500,000 graduates and 100,000 trainees said it has received 749,000 applications as at the close of the online portal.

Furthermore, the Special Assistant to the President on Social Investment Programme, Mariam Uwais who stated this while speaking to journalists in Abuja. She finally said the N-power program received application from all the 774 Local government areas of the country with the highest applicants coming from Kano, Yobe, Lagos, Oyo, Rivers and Bauchi.

Also, Marian stated that Npower team are in the process of compiling the application and commence training of successful applicants by September October. In addition, she said that the training would last a period of one month before the participants are deployed to states to provide extension services accordiingly.


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The nPOWER PRESIDENT disclosed that the participants would be provided with a training device which would be used for the extension services, adding that the aim of the program was to help young Nigerians acquire and develop lifelong skills become solution providers in their communities and become players in the domestic and global markets.

Moreover, Uwais explained that the programe has been divided into three sections namely, Paid Volunteer Teacher Corps for Graduate (N-Power Corps), Training and Empowerment for Knowledge Work (n-power Knowledge), Build Nigeria Program for Training and Empowerement of Artisans (N-power Build).

Similarly, she added that the aim of the N-Power Corps was to provide temporary jobs in the area of primary education, agriculture, public health and community education, adding that the programme, which would last for two years, was targeted at employing 50,000 unemployed graduate.

In conclusion, she said trainees would be deployed to their immediate rurual and local communities, where they would assist in improving the inadequacies in the education, health and and agricultural sectors, adding that states government would assist in deployment of beneficiaries to the communities.

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The President Aid said that others include the N-Power Knowledge, which would train 25,000 Nigerians in the area of technology, and N-Power Build, which train another 75,000 in the areas of building services, construction, utilities, hospitality and catering, automotive vocations, aluminium and gas services.

Npower Time table 2017 for Online Assessment Exercise [New Update]

“Besides their monthly take home pay estimated at about N23, 000, the selected 500,000 graduates will also get computer devices that will contain information necessary for their specific engagement, as well as information for their continuous training and development. They get to keep the devices even after exiting the programme.

“According to the plan of the Buhari administration, the N-Power Teacher Corps programme is an invaluable opportunity for young Nigerians to make immense economic and social contributions to the nation while developing their skills.
Npower Aptitude Test Result Checker 2017 | Recruitment Assessment Score (July/August)

As a matter of fact It will also help to address the problems of inadequate teachers in public schools.

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UPDATE- Npower 2017/2018 shortlisted candidates and assessment - List of successful shortlisted applicants for the 2017/2018 N-power ... The scheme is as a result of the federal government trying to meet up ... If you applied between 1st of July and 13th of July 2017, be informed that your test is coming up very soon.

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