2017 May/June WAEC Results Checker is OUT | Check Your WAEC Result 2017 Here

2017 May/June WAEC Results Checker is OUT | Check Your WAEC Result 2017 Here

WAEC Result 2017 | WAEC Online Result Checker – www.waecdirect.org is the official portal for checking your WAEC Result every year because it is the only approved government result checker platform for Nigerian SSCE students.

In this article, I will show you how to check WAEC result 2017 with a sratch card. Also, at the end of this post, yo will also know how to check waec result without scratch card, print out your waec result, send your WAEC result to you mail for safe keeping and reprinting it oit from you mail whenever you do not have your WACE scratch card at hand.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has announced that they have released the May/June WAEC Results online so that students can have access to check and print the results online without stress.

So if you are among those SS2 and SS3 students in the country who participated in the just concluded Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), you are to rush to WAEC scratch card Approved Outlet and purchase you WAEC PIN then go online to check your WAEC Results Now.

Requirements for Checking WAEC Result 2017 Onlime.

  1. WAEC Scratch card PIN: e.g. 8263738282728373
  2. WAEC Card Serial Number: e.g. 46726372829277
  3. WAEC Examination number: 7263633838368
  4. WAEC Candidates Number: 093
  5. WAEC Center Number e.g. 73638236468
  6. Year of Examination, for instance 2017
  7. Month of Exam (Either May/June or Nov/Dec)

How to Check Your WAEC Results in 2017/2018 Online

These are the direct steps you have to follow so that youcan easily check your result and print it out.

  1. Buy the WAEC Scratch card from WAEC Office
  2. Scratch off the coated part of the card to reveal a 15 digit pin.
  3. Look under the card to see another required Serial Number.
  4. Get your WAEC exam/school identity (ID Card). This card contains your waec registration number, center number and candidates number.
  5. Go online with your computer (or visit a cyber cafe if you do not have a personal computer).
  6. Login to www.waecdirect.org using either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera Web, etc.
  7. Immediately the page opens, get ready to start inputting the required information and data.
  8. Now enter all the required information as requested on the page which includes numbers of your WAEC Registration.
  9. Tick the boxes on the page
  10. Finally Click on Check Result.

Now wait for some few seconds while the portal loads to bring out your result. This does not usually take much time. The loading time is solely dependent on the speed of your network/internet connection.

Check Your WAEC Result Here

When the page loads finally, it should display your WAEC Result in a pop-up window which also has an option of printing out your result on A4 paper.

How to check Your WAEC Result without Scratch Card

Recently, numerous students has been searching the internet to find methods to check the it WAEC Result online without buying a scratch card from WAEC/NECO office. To be candid with you, there is no such thing as checking your waec result without Scratch card. West Africa Exam Council has made it so. This is because the pin in the scratch card is the only access key to login to the waec portal and check May/June result. So if you are planning to check your West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) Result without buying their scratch, you are only wasting your time because you cannot see that result.

Check NECO Result Here without Scratch Card

The only way you can check your result without Scratch card is logging into your mail and retrieve it after you must have checked your result at list once with a scratch card. Remember that on the steps shown above, I asked you to tick all boxes before clicking on Check Result. One of those boxes includes an option of sending your WAEC result to your mailbox. So if you have ticked the box correctly, then you can check your result the second time in your mail without having to buy a scratch card the second time.
2017 May/June WAEC Results Checker is OUT | Check Your WAEC Result 2017 Here

Check WAEC Result with Your Phone

Since the invention of mobile phone, technology has grown to so widely that everyone has access to it and do more than just making a phone call with it. Even with the conventional phones without Internet can check waec result. See complete details here.

WAEC Andriod App | iOS App

As at this time, there is not confirmed mobile app developed by WAEC to check results online. There is no app download for waec for now. All other apps are not from the official WAEC result checker.

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