| Google Kids Search Tool Download – Third Party Kiddle | Google Kids Search Tool Download – Third Party Kiddle

Recently, the GOOGLE KIDS SEARCH DOWNLOAD tool was launched online with a registered world wide web URL domain with millions of search already.

For instance, the  Kiddle website already has keywords which includes; kiddle download, kiddle search engine download, google kids search, kids search engine, kiddle dolls, safe search engine, junior safe search, safe search for kids, ask kids, to mention a few.

This newly launched has a promising child-friendly search engine for kids surfing the internet for online stuffs. As a matter of fact, there is no age limit to this Kiddle search engine, because everyone can also use it for safe browsing.

However, this new child browsing tool appears to have caused some confusion and concerns among users.

Presently, a number of online news and TV stations have reported the search engine site is an official Google spin-off looking to cater to young internet users.

For this reason, all parents and guardians who have also welcomed the creation of the search engine under the impression this is ‘Google for kids’.

Another thing you need to know is that Google’s New Search Engine For Kids Means No More Finding Twerking Videos By Mistake. Notwithstanding, the said website has no association with Google – and does not claim to, no doubt.

Meanwhile, it uses a Google Custom Search bar embedded within the website in a bid to filter out adult material. | Google Kids Search Tool Download – Third Party Kiddle

Finally,  certain content is filtered and a number of explicit terms, and celebrities including Pamela Anderson are blocked. Read related post for more;

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